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Walking the Thresholds 6

Walking the Thresholds is a gathering for those who are not necessarily of human kind, but feel more toward a mythical flow, be they Elven, Fae, Scaled One, Clawed One, etc., and/or creature of Outer Origins. The gather's purpose is to make it possible for those who know each other only by online communication to finally meet face to face, converse and make connections....and at the same time provide an interface between differing communities of folk that may have no communication otherwise. Existing bonds can be made stronger and new ones formed. We are greatly looking forward to meeting you in a safe, woodland setting near a sparkling stream. We also have activities, workshops and vendors throughout...

This recent exchange of ideas and these added thoughts are recent (as in, a couple of weeks prior to the gathering).

NOTE: Due to an error on the registration page (now corrected), some prereg forms mailed early may have been returned. If your registration was returned, please accept our apologies and contact us privately at

When: 6/5/2003 - 6/8/2003

Where: Four Quarters Farm, Artemas, PA -- Primitive camping, swimming, hot showers.

Activities and Such: People who wish to do workshops or other activities, please begin writing up your ideas and send to Past workshops can be seen here... Hoping for something a little different for WtT 6, though there will be some repeats.

Here are some workshop ideas - for some of them, the professors are already there. For others, they're not (but I know they're out there)... The mantle of professorhood shall descend where it will...

Shinai - Often an ongoing activity
Soul's Song - (Nightly as desired - your voice, two rocks, a stick, drums, your hands, harps, bells, etc. are all good... Let your soul sing!)
Magical Cooking - (ongoing activity, discussion group)
Community, Hearth, and Honor - (discussion group, Rialian et. al.)
Dealing with Empathy and Ethics - (discussion group, Tessa et. al.)
Reiki for Fae - (Rialian - assistants are welcome ... er, I mean, begged for)
Machine magic - How to make em run when they won't (Kyrin if prof is willing)
Mead making - (Rialian, if professor is willing)
Intentional Communities - (if professor is willing)
Living as Other in the Here and Now - (if professor(s) are willing)
Cult-busters - (Discussion group if facilitator(s) are willing)
Fencing - (Aladar, if instructor is willing)

Change and ultimate mutability rule, so this is subject to change...

Open mike/bard's night: If you have a song to share, or you can play an instrument, bring it! This year we definitely want to have the hearthfire bardic, and also 4QF has agreed to lend us its sound/lighting equipment should anyone want the use of the stage!

Vendors: So far we have two vendors on site selling twinkets, and one absentee vendor is sending stuff ... so bring money or things to trade...

For those who like ritual: There will be a main ritual type of thing, but it's going to be planned onsite and will be born out of the energies there, planned by whoever wants to be involved in it (bring thoughts, ideas).

Swimming: There is a stream that is clean enough to swim in - the bottom is rocky though, so wading shoes and rafts are your friends. Minnows in the water do nibble, just so you know...

Meal plan: The bad news: Unfortunately, Pam who ran the meal plan has left Four Quarters Farm. 4QF's meal plan is now too expensive, so we won't be using them this year.

What we would like to see is a regrouping of efforts to provide something of a community focus for the gather. As things stand now, people attending will need to bring food with them, and plan on working with others to make food happen. There will be an area near the hearth to prepare food and we shall see what members of the community wish to provide for this area. From this, we can see if we can have a meal plan grow from the efforts of the people that attend.

Accommodations and Showers: Bring tents and sleeping bags - June in PA can get a little nippy at night. Although we hope it does not rain, be prepared (changes of socks, tarps, a rain poncho). The showers at 4QF are open air and the site is clothing optional - bring your own shower curtain or swimsuit if you're shy! They ask that we use the biodegradable soap they provide - no shampoo or regular soap can be used. Because the meal plan/kitchen isn't operating this year, shower pumps and hot water will be operating morning and evening only.

Payment and fees: $55.00 until May 25, After May 25, $75.00

People may note that the gate fee has risen significantly. This has been done to hopefully encourage people to register at least a week ahead of I have to order things such as porta-pots...and there is nothing quite so annoying as not having enough of those...(chuckle)

In the past, I was able to get away with not having my numbers so early...but the gather has gotten large enough that this is no longer really feasable for me. We have always had a lot of people simply show up and pay at the gate at the last minute, and request some financial hardship understanding in their gate fee. And I have been able to eat the cost.

This year I am unable to do so. If I do not hear from people before the 25th, I cannot put your name on the list of pre-paid folks that I submit to the site...which is being very kind and handling gate registration for me this year.

Please contact me if you want to discuss your situation. This year I cannot promise that I can be as nice as I have been in the past.