Walking the Thresholds 7

JUNE 3-6, 2004, Four Quarters Farm
PO BOX 11, Rockville MD 20848-0958

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Walking the Thresholds is a gathering for those who are not necessarily of human kind, but feel more toward a mythic flow, be they Elven, Fae, etc. The gather's purpose is to provide an interface between differing communities of folk that may have no communication otherwise. Existing bonds can be made stronger and new ones formed. We are greatly looking forward to meeting you in a woodland setting.

Some thoughts about the gathering this year: http://www.livejournal.com/users/rialian/415389.html. Feel free to add your own thoughts to that, or throw a differing perspective into the mix.

Workshops and discussions - Bring the knowledge you want to share on otherkin-related topics, or topics that you think will be of interest. Past topics have included fae-touched magic, machine magic, otherkin sexuality, fae-mutated Reiki and other healing modalities, awakenings, hosts, intentional communities, fencing, Feng Shui, Runes, and more. There will also be drumming and bardic storytelling around the fire.

If you want to do a workshop or discussion, please email rialian@his.com with a brief description or send to the PO box shown at the top.

We will also be creating and doing a main ritual again this year, something to provide the tone/focus of this year's gather. Some ideas are in the mix but suggestions are welcome. It will be created on site. If you're interested and/or have ideas, drop a line to rialian@his.com or mail to the PO box at the top. Afterwards will be bardic storytelling around the main camp hearth, so bring a story to tell or a song to sing.

Vendors are encouraged to come (no fee) if you have otherkin-related wares. 7-pointed stars and other medallions, kin-related art/sculpture/comix/zines, beautiful and unusual handmade clothing, and jewelry are irresistible. If you make music (non-electronic, around the fire), we invite you to share it with us. So far, we have several vendors coming:

  • Jewelry_Maker -- Medallions, pendants, and wire adornments.
  • Magical Trinkets (no longer available online) -- Silver and gemstone jewelry.
  • Cloth sculptures (gnomes, faeries, puppets, etc.)
  • Ceramic jewelry, runes, and artwork by Clans Ten and Younglood

Registration -

5/26/2004: Preregistration is now over. The Paypal link is going down.

If you have preregistered but not paid, bring $55 cash to the site. If you have not preregistered or contacted rialian, it's now $75. We had to do this to enourage preregistration so we'll know about how many to expect (and how many outhouses to order). Children under 12 are free. Between May 25 and June 3 (the date of the gather) there exists this chaosphere in which we slip entirely into overdrive and probabilities become way mutable (that would be NOW - it's upon us! It felt so far away when this was first written). If you are caught in this limbo and want to make special arrangements, contact rialian@his.com.

Meals - Like last year, there will be no official meal plan -- There will be a central hearth area where anyone can contribute food and cook if they wish, and there will be individual hearths that will be cooking for themselves, and others if they feel up to it. In general, unless you're planning as a campsite, bring enough for yourself and one other person for four days. Those who cannot bring food be sure to make arrangements with someone who can.

Camping - the grounds are wild (or at least wilder than what most are used to) - bring enough clothing and necessities for 4 days - extra socks and rain ponchos are sometimes useful... The Maryland early summer can get damp - ground tarps keep tents dry. The site supplies biodegradable shampoo/soap which may be used in the shower area only. There is swimming in the creek - the creek bottom is rocky -- bring wading shoes and rafts/innertubes if possible. The site is clothing optional and the showers are open air - bring towels and swimsuits if you're shy...

General Info

And things begin....THRESHOLDS 7

===I am focusing more on getting the more personally awake and aware otherkin to this one. We have a baseline of people that know it happens, and it has a solidity to it that it can take a bit of a drop in attendees for a gather or two.

===This is the next wave...the next cycle. I want to see more solid otherkin who have a clue. One does not get such by advertising all and sundry...one gets that from intelligent folks who are aware looking about and seeing who they think might be interested in attending. It comes from people going out of their way to ask about.

===Thresholds is not about being the biggest gather there is. It is about an environment, and a quality to that environment.

===This year, a bit more of a focus on quality.

===Hopefully, this gets some ears perking up, and some interest building in coming out to Thresholds this year or next.

===If you think someone is the sort that would groove on this....let them know.

===I want to see some shifts and changes....This Thresholds is in part inspired by the ones that have said "you know, if more otherkin were like you...I would attend a gather".

===I want to make this an environment that welcomes you. It is still an "open" gather....but there is a definite preference for the intelligent and non-delusional...who understand that being otherkin does not mean that you check your mind at the door.

===I am working on a few ideas for workshops...a bit higher-level than "Hi, I am an otherkin!" I will be doing my Reiki one again most likely...with some changes in format and direction, I think. I am also looking at encouraging a workshop or two in counseling techniques for getting through issues of otherkin-ness.

===I would enjoy seeing a few of the scholars coming out of the woodwork and doing some presentations, and get a really good bardic going..(not a "let us all get drunk and be off-color"...that is Camp Cambodia's job...(grin) (As a side-note, Looking forward to seeing the Cambodians this year. They do indeed throw a very good party in their area.)

===If you are aware of someone that jives with my sort of "otherkin"... definitely let them know. Have them write me at rialian@his.com, so I can get more of the quality sorts that people feel that they would like to see at an otherkin gather.

===Thresholds....JUNE 3-6...(and, of course, I will be on site earlier in the week.)

Oh and by the way...

There will be a Thresholds this year. The number of this Thresholds shall be Seven, no more, no less. Seven shalt be the number of this Thresholds, and the number of the Thresholds shalt be Seven. Eight it shalt not be, either Six, excepting that thou then proceed to Seven. Five is right out. Once the number Seven, being the seventh number, be reached, then lobbest thou thy camping gear toward 4QF, who being good in our sight, shalt put up with us yet another year.

Very Mangled old English borrowed from Monty Python....

~ 7 ~