Walking the Thresholds 3

Embodying the Starlight Paths

52 people showed up from all around the world. And the Rains came down. And the Campfire was not drowned, though there was a Moat surrounding it. We now have 27 words for rain. But still, people were glad they were there, glad they saw each other.

Things Learned at Wtt3 - Everything you always wanted to know (and didn't want to know)...

Pictures from WTT3 via Rialian.

A few pictures from Eyovah's memorial.

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The third Walking the Thresholds gathering will be held at Four Quarters Farm on June 15-18, 2000.

The Starlight Paths are the paths we walk as otherkin....neither in the bright light of the Sun nor the Darkness of the Deeps....the paths where there are no absolutes, and the Thresholds between the realities are thin....

And just what is going to be happening?

Workshop scheduling is still ongoing, and will be announced closer to the gathering. If you have a workshop you would like to see, or that you feel you might want to present, please drop us a line at: thresholds@rialian.com!

Other events that have been known to occur at WtT have in the past included: drumming and bardic storytelling around the fire, workshops on such diverse topics as Reiki, Magickal Theory, "So, You are Awake....Now What?"....as well as a main ritual that is planned on-site. (We have some ideas, but suggestions are welcome) We would like to try to keep the focus on the Starlight Paths, if possible.

So we have all this...but what does it mean?

How have these starlit paths influenced who you are, what you do...how you relate with the world at large? How have they affected your life? Why not explore these questions with us and see where we go from the point of realization.

So, have any details?

Where: Four Quarters Farm located in Artemas, PA near the Maryland/PA border. Click here to get directions, and here for camp information.

When: June 15-18 2000.

Cost: $50 ($US) Kids 12-16 - $20, under 12 free.

Vendors: Musicians, card readers, trinket sellers, dealers in fae artwork and sculpture, please come! The only requirement is we'd like to keep it to otherkin-related topics. We'd love to have you, no vending fee!!

Meal plan: There's a meal plan -- Price to be announced - contact us at thresholds@rialian.com if you are interested in the meal plan. Prepay covers the entire weekend. Pay-per-meal also available.


Registration Form -- Copy or print and send with your registration...

For more information, to teach a workshop, or to volunteer to help out, contact us at thresholds@rialian.com

Workshops and Ongoing Fun Things at the Gathering:

Back by Popular Demand!

"Storytelling" - bring your weirdest otherkin-related story to tell around the campfire.

"Meadmaking" - at the campfire on Friday night we'll be making a batch of our famous mead to be used at the *next* WtT.

"Main Ritual" - run by Crisses (tbd) (more to come on this)

"Reiki for Fae", run by Rialian yet again (because Rialian has realized he has no choice) and Railenne. "Reiki is really cool energy work. Come and see". No, seriously, this year I want to focus on more of a discussion incorporating the additional symbols and otherkin energy work that has been coming through for various people. Attunements will be available.

"So...You're Awake" discussion group, run by Miaren Crow's Daughter. Newly Awakened? Feeling lost? Not sure where you're from or what you are? Crow's Daughter will answer some of the most commonly asked questions. Bring your own questions, too!

Magical Craftwork - run by Miaren Crow's Daughter. How to use crafts as an expression of magical intent.

Magic and Tech - run by Malcolm. Those maleable quantum zones where science meets magic and truly anything can happen...

Vehicular Magic - run by Dreaming Squirrel. How to get there from here in less time than it should: Discussion group based on magic useful for cars relating to travel, maintenance and obfuscation.

Here's the current "lineup" (clocks haven't worked in the past)...

Nothing slated for Thursday - people will be travelling.

Friday - before or even "at" lunch - So...You're Awake.
  - just after lunch - Magic and Tech
  - before dinner - "Vehicular Magic"
  - when-ever it happens - "Magical Craft-work" (some light preferred)
Saturday - just after lunch - Reiki
  - just before dinner - prepwork for main ritual
  - just after dinner/at sunset - main ritual
Sunday - 'Kin memorial at Rivendell

Thresholds 1999 was graced with a horde of Dragons. Hope they can fly by this year also and bring their friends!

Sadly, Eyovah will not be returning. We will be doing something in his memory - sharing memories of him poetry, anecdotes, pictures, etc., whatever people who loved him want to do. There will be a memorial service that people can go to about 1-1/2 hours away from 4QF at Rivendell. Rides will be arranged from 4QF to Rivendell and back for all who want to go.

Background Mandala created by Miaren Crow's Daughter, colors modified and lightened for background use.

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