The Other

Your odd eyes pierce me with unveiled desire
Your cat form arches sleek to my touch of fire
You tangle your pale limbs with mine
Barriers vanish and no more confine...
We ride each other to the place of our Being
The Other's soul through my eyes Seeing
Breathless, I taste your pale skin so fair
Loving, I rest in your shimmering hair.

The Queen

I walked upon a starlit night, it was the winter cold
I waited for the Moon to rise, and show what Fate would hold
T'was then I saw a Lady Fair with eyes of deepest green
Her hair was fiery strands of light, like none I'd ever seen

Her step made no sound as she passed, her body was so slight
And I was sure that if she would, she surely could take flight
She stopped before she passed me by - These words she said to me
Come and let us make our bed beneath yon Greenwood tree

Before you take your leave come Day, one gift I'll give to thee
The gift I give will be whatever you shall ask of me
I lay with her the whole night through and clasped her to my chest
And knew before the morning's dew no gift would give me rest

Excepting if my Lady Fair would ever with me stay
And never would we part again or go our separate way
I see that you have made your wish, my lady to me said
And then she placed a silver crown, upon my weathered head

For she was queen of all the fey, and I am now their king
And if you pass the Greenwood tree, you'll sometimes hear us sing
We sing of winters long and cold and springtimes warm and bright
And of a lady's wondrous hair, of fiery strands of light.

Fire Girl

Fire Girl of Spirit Free dancing on a Star
Memory of loving thee, Vision from afar
Fire Girl of day and night, spinning on the wheel
Memory of Dark and Light and what it's like to feel

Fire girl of passion's song, River's running heat
Memory of love so strong, and of a bond complete
Fire girl of here and now, Feeling, Hearing, Scent
Memory of honor's vow and what you've always meant


Elven Realities

Paths and Possibilities


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