Poems to the Ones For Whom we Still Wait


I waited by the shores of the Star Fountain
Thinking of you
Across the many hills of the Far Mountain
While the day was still new

I waited by the Gates of the King's palace
Before all was lost
I drank the bitter dregs of a fool's chalice
And our lives were the cost

I waited by the light of a grey morning
In a land bare and cold
The robins of the air sang the first warning
In their Song sweet and old

Then I knew that we would share all of Life's Knowing
When you came to me
And we would feel the warmth of the winds blowing
On the Lavender Sea

Elfland's Door

Flow down, Green River to Elfland's door
And give your Life to my Heart's desire
That my Love and I love ever more
And light again love's ancient fire

Flow down, Green River to your lowland bed
And give your Life to the flowers sweet
For there my Love and I will wed
With flower garlands round our feet

Flow down, Green River to the woodlands deep
And give your Life to the velvet grass
For there my Love and I will sleep
On a velvet bed the night will pass

Flow down green river to that special place
Where dreams are real and vision clear
That I may see him face to face
And the comfort of my voice he'll hear

Before me You Stood

You who were lost so long ago,
You of whom I dreamed in the golden land
You to whom I spoke in a language with no words,
Across the void of space and time.

I called to you and sang the Song of your Name
To the winds of the air that carry all messages
The winds, that carried Songs since the beginning
But you gave no answer

I inscribed your Rune upon the Trees of the Ancient Wood
Trees much older than you or I
But now the Trees are gone and scattered in the wind
And still you have not returned

I placed your Crest upon the Forgotten Mountains
Mountains older than memory
But now the mountains are crumbled into the Ocean sand
And silence was your only answer.

I sat alone in the Silence, no more calling you to me
And began to sing to the wood around me
And as the wood began to awaken and sing with me
I looked up, and before me you stood.


I love you
I have always loved you
From the beginning
From beyond this life
From beyond death
From beyond the stars
From the outer darkness
In all universes
I will love you for all time
And where there is no time
but now

Lady Fair


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