The Elven Star

Submitted to Tiernan Oc by Sade Wulfkitn
Excerpt from Circle Network News, Summer 1986

Well! Merry Meet all, an' may you find more inspiring weather outside yr door than i see past mine this day (tho don't i recall soumone professing an affinity for wintry weather? if so, welcoum to thee North Coast, we got it!)

Rather than go out, i went digging in thee basement today, an located a mustydusty old copy ov Circle Network News, w/an article from Thee Silver Elves (who i had mixed up w/thee Elf Queen's Daughters; both are in Kalifia). This contains "Meditations on the Seven-Pointed Star", which i'm not re-typing in it's entirety. Interestingly, thee star used as an illustration is different from that discussed earlier; more like a Star o David (nice work on tha gif, btw, Rialian!) Number the points clockwise 1 - 7. Draw a line from 1 to 6, 6 to 4, to 2, to 7, to 5 to 3 an back to 1 you got it. Oddly enuf, i have a stained glass star just like this hanging in my kitchen.. not sure Xactly where i acquired it either :)

Now for thee meditation:

For the first point, meditate upon the Sun, our nearest Star.. the Gateway (note that, Sindar? :) to peace and prosperity in Elfland. The Dragon ov Truth, Love and Justice is linked to this point.

For the second point, meditate upon the Spirits of the Trees.. loving friendship and a healing light, a baby rainbow dragon to burn thru obstacles are associated w/this point.

For the third point, meditate upon our Regenerative Powers and Creative Energy. The Spirit of the Waters cleanses, bringing with it an Awakening ov your True Nature. no critters here :)

For the fourth point, meditate upon the Gift of Magic, 'Love is Magic, Magic is Love'

For the fifth point, meditate upon the Gateway, on having 'the Prosperity and Peace needed on the Physical Plane to Make an Entry into Elfland' (much ov this meditation focusses on prosperity.. )

For the sixth point, meditate upon Justice in Faerie. the Wind Spirits recognize thee essence ov yr Elven self; the baby rainbow dragon flies on the winds to waken healers and bring justice.

For the seventh point, meditate upon bringing success in 'Extending your Love and Magic to All Life.. to Mother Earth'.

So let's see if we can distill this at all - thee original is kinda in hippie-speak :) (o yes - they also call it thee Elven Star ov thee Seven Sisters - anyone trace Home to thee Pleiades?)

1 - The Sun (prosperity, justice, the Gate)
2 - Tree Spirits (friendship and healing)
3 - Water Spirits (creativity, sexuality, Awakening)
4 - Magic (blessings ov thee Goddess, love)
5 - the Gateway (balance? entering Elfland)
6 - Wind Spirits (justice, healing)
7 - Success (Gaia Consciousness?)

These are my interpretations, ymmv. I didn't leave _big_ chunks out from thee original.. i can see why this might not stick w/people, coz it's not really coherent.

At first i thought it wd link to thee 7 inner planets.. then there's 3 ov thee 4 elements (and Faery Wicca, which i just started reading, sez salamanders/fire are considered separate, 'above' thee other 3 - comments anyone?) But points 5 and especially 7 seem a bit muddled. As i said, the whole meditation seems focussed on prosperity and justice, getting what you 'deserve' by virtue ov being an Elf (if i'm not grossly misreading!)

The address given for The Silver Elves, and granted this is the Summer 86 issue, is

POBox 2035 Guerneville CA 95446

Well, enuf History for today.. i'm missing Dark Shadows after all =] hugszs sade


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