From: "Eshari"
Date: Fri Oct 26, 2001 4:04 pm
Subject: the tree of stars -- eddies in the stream of consciousness

first a comment on personal symbol/myth banks: I was enchanted with the old Lucasfilm game "Loom" and it got me at a time when I was young enough to like to take things from games and stories, put them in my life and at least pretend to live them (for example, I literally tried as many of the spells as I could muster ingredients for in the spellbook that's part of "King's Quest III"). A later side-effect of this is that certain images and phrases and concepts from the game still stick with me and have mythic power; that is, they've been added to my personal repertoire of symbols which are not terribly traditional but which are resonant for me. Thus the phrase "shore of wonder" was not directly lifted for this writing, which was stream-of-consciousness, but naturally bubbled up from within, and the visual that was in my head the whole time is nearly an exact screenshot from the game. I made a poor sketch of it in my journal, which I've uploaded to the files section (startree.jpg) and I'm trying to find an actual screenshot somewhere so you can actually see with your eyes what I was seeing inside.

"Startree", by Eshari
ah the blue-green stars of the heavens
under the under the under the
grown in the lake of the shore of wonder
rippling shimmerlight starlight waves
branches of stars fractal leaves all of stars
withies stellar weeping down upon the galaxy below
the place from which it grows
a leafy shingle rooftree touching stars and stars for leaves
channel tunnel trunk and bits of fate are falling cards
and stars in turing autumn
the tree between the stars the galactic swirl
the faerie ferry up and down
and home again and back and both within
a rooftree stars the open sky a roof
the chimneyhole moon that lets the light go back and forth between
a portal closest knothole in a treetrunk
crossing branches ring-gate formed
and crossing branches to cross to other branches
where the clustered stars hang heavy
like fruit with rain in falling autumn
starpearl cluster pick and carry travel ferry faerie
flying treetop silent web
interclinging roots of starpaths
Screenshot from Lucasfilm's game, "Loom"
ascent to under over branch of leaflink star
the ripples in the lake
to climb the tree to everywhere
slanting blue and violet and ultra colours
infraultra brilliant blackness silver blood
the rays of seven seventeen
the piercing out from eyes and radiant halo spotlight mirrored
tattooed in filament upon the void and air just lines and patterns
ultrainfracolours colours colours
underground and shining stars and stone
strength of starstone over high
and living tree of stars a wooden stone
the pillared circle not so round of spiral gesture
arching random webs across the forest of the clusters
the prism rainbow just one star refracted caught in its own web
all are the single source of the reflections reflections reflections
the everywhere star-tree
insect tunnels travelling through
this side that side up and down
tunnels you through and branches you on
tunnels formed reverse solid not hollow
nebula roots in gentle rippling galaxy-pond
the grainsand stars like swans and dust