Allergy Sufferer Relief! Yes it is possible to be freed of you allergies, a "cure". And I am living Proof of it.


Here is a letter I sent to the Food Allergy Network, which they read and dismissed. They think it is nice that I am over my allergies, but do not plan on telling their audience because

  1. They don't believe it
  2. Don't care
  3. Don't want the truth to get out to other sufferers because then they would be cured and wouldn't need the service of the Food Allergy Network.
  4. All the above



Here is my Letter to the Food Allergy Network:


Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 11:02:41 -0400

From: The Food Allergy Network <>

To: Barton Wendel <wendel@TCNJ.EDU>

Subject: Re: My allergies gone


At 12:47 AM 9/21/97 -0400, you wrote:


> I feel I should write you this to let you know that there is hope for

>allergy suffers. I was born with a bunch of allergies, most notably

>Peanuts. The taste of the stuff would make me violently ill, enough to

>need the epinepherine shot (pure adrenalin) and to see the doctor if I

>could not get it out of my system fast enough. Even the smell of peanuts

>(or peanut breath) would cause strong stomach pains, make it really hard

>to breathe, I would start to blackout-lose equilibrium, and would be ill

>for many hours till the reaction would work its way out of my system.My

>life got to the point where I would have to be very careful where I went,

>avoiding food-courts in malls, booking special flights on planes(peanut

>free flights are possible with a few airlines), and always being on guard

>in public (with many painful encounters with peanut vendors everywhere).

>That is all changed now. Now I can open a jar of peanut butter and smell

>deeply and feel nothing.

> A couple weeks ago, I saw a Health and Nutritional Consultant. She

>gave me suggestions of how I can get rid of my allergies. The first thing

>I had to do was change my diet. Many of the foods I ate were contributing

>to my allergies including meat,dairy,sugar,caffiene, and more. Then I had

>to clean out my system of the mold and fungus buildup from my life

>(mold that grows on the peanuts especially). This cleaning was possible

>with raw garlic, a tablespoon of garlic 4 times a day for 4 days (mixed

>with good food) and a couple month program of

>herbs/vitamins/supplements/good-food. The entire program is necessary to

>keep the allergy from coming back full force again. The supplements and

>stuff will rebuild my system and the diet will keep it healthy and keep

>the allergies from coming back.

> After the four days of garlic, I had another accidental exposure to

>people eating peanuts, and I was fine. Dying of curiosity to know if I

>was truly over the allergy, I tried an experiment at home. It took me 30

>minutes of sheer nervousness to open the jar of peanut butter. When I

>finally did, I took a quick breath, closed it and noticed my condition...I

>was just fine. So, I then opened the jar fully and took one long deep

>breath. I could even taste it in my nose and mouth as I inhaled. And I

>was still fine! Now I can go freely as I please and not have to worry,

>and I have been doing just that, seeing the peanut vendors and smile.


>For more details on how it all works, I can refer you to her.


>Good Health,

>Barton Wendel




>Thank you for sharing your story. Glad to hear you are doing better.



The Food Allergy Network

10400 Eaton Place, Suite 107

Fairfax, VA 22030-5647




Phone 1-800-929-4040 / 703-691-3179

Fax 703-691-2713






And here is the program she gave me:

NOT A DIAGNOSIS OR PERSCRIPTION - only Information Sharing


(empty = half hour before any food, and/or two hours after food)


To clean out Fungus in the system ñ 1 Tablespoon RAW, minced, FRESH, garlic, 4 times a day for 4 days, with food. (donít cook it, best mixed with already cooked food, or ground up and put in avacodo..blending it together works good)

Acidolphilus - 4 capsules, 4 times a day on empty stomach (3 months)

This must be refridgerated to keep fresh, it gives the body back its Good bacteria that kill off the bad ones. The good bacteria is killed off as well by antibiotics.

Pau D'Arco- 3 cups of tea per day OR 3 capsules per meal (3 months)


Intestines- 1 Tablespoon Psyllium Husks in 10 oz liquid, 2 times a day on empty stomach (3 months)

(Mixing with vegetable juice is easier to get down than water or tea, or make a Smoothie out of fruits+vegies in the blender)

(Cascara Segrada as need for a laxative---you should have a bowel movement after every meal to keep the buildup of toxins from happening in the intestines)


Digestive Enzymes - 2 or more before/with food


Natural Multivitamin/ Chelated Minerals (betacarotein, E, Selineum)


Lecithin- for nervous system, oxygenate brain





Foods to Avoid FOREVER- Sugar, white flour, caffein, alcohol, heated and/or hydrogentated vegetable oil, salt, meat, chemical food additives (basically anything you canít pronounce on the ingredients), milk products (all forms of dairy..including whey ), black pepper, nutmeg, wheat (gluten),


Foods to avoid for all three months- dried fruits (like raisens, bananna chips, etc)


Foods to avoid during the for days of Garlic: Fruit, vinegar, barely malt, yeast



Helpful Foods- Whole grains, vegetables, fruits, avacados, tofu (excellent source of protein and calcium), Braggís Aminos or goats milk whey (excellent source of natural sodium) (Braggís is a salt substitue),

Rice bran syrup or honey (sugar substitute), celery, grapes.



Proper food combiningóessential for digestion



Detox bath- tub of water, 1 cup baking soda, 1 cup epsom salts, for half hour . Drink hot (Yarrow) tea before and during bath if have problem sweating. Keep cold cloth on head to keep from passing out.


Thru this process you may progress in swings




------------ /

/ \___/

-- /

/ \ /

--- / \_/

/ \ / \/

/ \ /



You may feel great all of a sudden, then feel worse than you felt before for a few days or so, then feel betterÖAnd this cycle may continue, and your bad days down the road will be better than you best todays today..But, then again, you may not. Get worse at all, I didn't have a big down drop, just a few mood swings from my body craving the sugar (was hypoglycemic)


If you have cravings, they will eventually go away. Cravings also usually mean your body has a slight allergic reaction to the substance (same with sheer revulsion of the substance)


("In most cases, killing off the fungus and bacteria is only the start of the healing process. The causes of the problems needs to be taken care of, then the damage done by the fungus needs to be addressed. Damaged glands and organs, need to be repaired and regenerated, the immune system needs to be strengthened, allergies and arthritis elimated, etc. Through an iridology consultation, the damage and weaknesses caused by the fungus can be detected and safe and natural remedies suggested. I've b een successful in regaining my own health with these methods, and have shared this knowledge with countless others to help their bodies heal naturally" ---The naturopath,/iridologist/nutritional consultant I saw..I am not putting her name on the Web for Her protection, I don't want Doctors harassing her who do not believe..Email me for her name and number



Thru her consultation ($50 one time visit), she looked at my eyes and described a symptom and asked if I was feeling thatÖshe was right with everything down to my left shoulder being slightly out of joint and high blood pressure..and Iím only 24).

Here is my 3 month program of herbs/supplements/vitamins in addition to the list above for everyone.


If I ever get a virus infection---take L-lysine on empty stomach (1000-4000 mg 4 a day)

And Natures Plus Super C Complex with bioflavinoids


If I need an antihistimine substitute before the 3 months are upCOQ10


To heal the Allergy damage---Natures Way Raw Adrenal3-4 a day or at a time of a reaction

And Natures Herbs Echinacea 3 tablets, 4 times a day

And Raw Thymus, 15 drops, 4 times a day.


Heal stomach- White oak Bark tea


Heal Pancreas- Natures Way Spirulina, 2 pills, 3 times a day, empty stomach

And Natures Way Raw Pancreas, 2 a day


Blood Pressure- Natures Way Hawthorn Berry, 3 pills, 3 times a day


Multiglandular- Solgar GTF, 1 per meal


Vision- Eyebright Tea (not in tea bags..the glue) 4 cups worth a day Ö.or make two double strength cups a day

And Solgars Taurine, 2 pills 4 times a day on empty stomach

And eye exercises -look close, look far a couple times, left-right, up-down a few times a day

Go around a much as possible without glasses on.


Heal Gall Bladder, Liver- Blessed Thistle, beets, dandelion greens


Heal Lungs and Bronchials- Echinacea


More muscle mass- foteí


Heal cartilage damage (including TMJ) alfalfa 10 per day


Insomnia- chamomille tea



Always take Super C, Natures Plus Ultra Zyme (digestive enzyme), Solgar Vegicaps (multivitamin)




She recommends specific brands for specific items because some brands are more effective than others.

The store that carries it all is Wellspring. She also sells it in her office, at the exact same price she paid for it at Wellspring for the conveinence.


Helpful Notes:


Clean out all the chemicals from your house.

The chemicals destroy the brain, nervous system, immune system, and cause other problems.

(Do you like the smell of going down the chemical aisle in the grocery store?, just keeping them in your closet is bad for you, your body can still absorb it, even though it isnít as bad as the grocery store, and using them is even worse)


Clean out your houseÖget rid of dust, and especially any mildew and mold.


Clean yourself with vegetable oils, or all natural soaps.

Beware of "fragrances" in the ingredients, or hyponifiedÖboth mean that there are chemicals in there.


Peelu toothpowder (toothpaste available if you canít stand the powder).


1 raw egg mixed with two drops of hydrogen peroxide (yes, this is OK), for shampoo


Borax and Baking Soda to clean just about any surface, including dishes.

Add some vinegar for really tough or greasy spots.


For Strong Gums and teeth-Carrots (you can mix with tofu or anything else, or just eat straight


Use a vegetable scrubber, donít peel off the skins, the skin has the most nutrients


Natures Way Don Quoi (3 tablets) or Willow Bark for Menstrual Cramps


Chamomille Tea is also a muscle relaxer and not hard on digestive system, helps with insomnia


No Sea Salt either ,its an inorganic mineral that we can't digest


Make Mayo out of yogurt, honey, Bragg's Aminos


No Green beans---they contain insulin


Watch out for heated vegetable oil in dairyless cheese try tofu cheese instead.


Salads and whole grains give you energy


Substitute for extracts= almond oil + cinnamon


Fresh Aloe (cost $2 in plant store, easy to take care of), break off leaf and put on burnsÖ.also works for sunscreen before hand. The stuff in the bottles doesnít really work as well since it has been dead off the plant for a long time and has been t reated.


There are bug repellents in the store that have zero chemicals.

But bugs won't be attracted to you after your body has gotten rid of the toxins in it. The toxins are what attract the bugs to you in the first place.


There are books in the library on how to make your own soap. Don't put in the Lye (chemical). I believe Burt's Bees also makes a all natural soap (mail order and have local stores).



There are substitutes for just about everything that our diet is used to. And there are recipes out there.

This diet is a Strict version of the Vegan diet. Searching the web for Vegan Recipe


Will show you many sights. My favorite is


If you have any questions, feel free to email

And I can answer what I can and refer you this wonderful person.