Cured of all my allergies
    I can now say that I am free of a lifetime of allergies.  I have had allergies for about as long as I can remember.  I used to be allergic to fur, (cat, dog, gerbil, etc... dander), feathers, dust, mold, mildew, pollen.  I had to take allergy shots and antihistemines until I left home for college.  I used to have food allergies to all legumes (beans, peas, and especially peanuts), shellfish, corn, and tomatoes.  Eating legumes would make me quite ill. Beans and peas would make me nasaeus, vomit, have stomach pains for hours.  So being a vegetarian with bean allergy was difficult at best(many people asked if that was even possible).  Peanuts were my "death allergy", eating any would mean a possible hospital visit. I would vomit almost instantly, would get dizzy, start to black out, would stop breathing, everything it touched would super-swell (including mouth, airways, and spots in stomach), I would be in severe stomach pain for a long time (until a full night of sleep...and its hard to fall asleep in pain), would sweat, and basically fear for my life. The smell would cause the same problem, even the slightest smell of a peanut across a room.
  All of these allergies are gone now.  All of the allergies except the peanut allergy were healed in just one treatment.  I even had chinese food that night, complete with soy sauce and snow peas.  Had beans and peas every few days since then. I was able to visit back home and play with the cat and be around all the dust, etc... with no problem. The peanut allergy subsided much after one session, I was able to taste and smell them without getting sick (moderate symtoms).  After a second session done over the phone, I was able to eat a peanut with only the slight symptoms.  One more session should did the trick. In that session it was a past life that had to be healed  That was the last issue.  After that, I have been able to eat peanuts with no reaction.
Now I have learned this technique.  I have helped my family and some friends so far.  Cured their allergies, cleared past lives, repatterned old thoughts and behaviors.

smiles and good health

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