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I believe that a massage should feel good.  There should be no pain.  All healing, pain relief, etc... can be done well comfortably for the client.

The pain no gain is not needed with massage.  In fact if there is pain, then the muscle is pushing back against the practitioner and no work is being done unless the practitioner ignores the pain response and wears out the muscle into submission.  That is not my way.  I work with the muscle to work at its optimum level.

I believe a massage should be "A Massage to Remember".  That you should leave the session happy, relaxed, content, pain-free, and remember your experience.

A lot of my clientele comes from referall.  That means my clients like my work and refer me to others.  I have heard from many clients that I one of the best massage therapists they have ever had, and many say...the Best.  (not being egotistic, just repeating them...and I've got quotes, names and numbers to back that up).

I usually mix in energy healing along with my massage.  Hence the person gets at least two sessions in one.  There is a marked difference when I do so.  Without the energy work, it takes most therapists many strokes to relax a certain muscle,...with my energetics turned on...I do it in one or two.

Manual Massage Specialties
Swedish Massage:   Gentle soothing strokes to ease, calm, relax, and wipe away the aches and pains, tension, and soreness. A great overall massage to make your body float away.

Deep Tissue:  Slow specific strokes to work out knots, tight muscles, and deep muscle pain.  Painless application of these strokes helps heal the deepest and most sore muscles.

And more, custom made to your tastes.

Times:   By appointment only
Prices:   $50 one hour session
  ($1 minute less than hour, $75 for 1.5 hour, $100 for 2 hours, etc...)

               Gift Certificates available, 4 referrals = 1 free massage/healing session


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