Angel Light Healing Initiation

To initiate others into the are of Angel Light Healing or for self-initiation, simply perform the following ceremony. Read thru first to see if it resonates with you, if you feel you need to change any part of it, try it and see if it works.

Make a small, simple altar consisting only of a white cloth or Kleenex, a white candle (and if needed, a white or clear candle holder), and a cup of fresh drinking water for each person. Wear all white cloths or cover yourself from neck to feet with a white sheet. Kneel upright before your altar. Put your hands in Prayer Position and say aloud:

‘Lord(God)(Spirit), please bless me, that I may me initiated into Your Divine Healing Service. I pledge my heart and hands to the healing of all humanity. I humbly give thanks to thee. Amen.’

Take a sip from the cup on the altar. Swallow the water, (put the cup back if you haven’t already), then put your head on the ground for a full three minutes.

After 3 minutes, say to the initiates, "You are now initiated into Angel Light Healing."

Pair up and do Angel Light Healing for 20 minutes or for self-initiation do Angel Light Self-Healing for the same amount of time.

The more you practice, the better you get at it. Practice self healing and healing on others will help you build your energy channels to let more healing energy come thru. The more healed you are, the better your healing ability will be.




Standard Angel Healing Position

Place one hand (if on right side of body, use the right hand) on the abdomen, just below the navel (second chakra) and your other hand on top of the head (crown chakra). Do not move hands during the healing.

(Self healing, place your hands in the two points whichever way is more comfortable.)

Say (in your mind or out loud), "Angels of Light, please heal, Angels of Light, please heal me" and repeat three times. This will start the energy flow.

Say (in your mind or out loud) , "Thank you" to complete the energy flow and leave your hands a bit more (1 minute – 3 minutes) and then lift your hands off slowly.

Specific Angel Healing of a Body Part

Place your hands on the front and back of the body part or on either side (sandwiching the area) or directly on the part and invoke the energy. "Angels of Light, please heal the (name the body part)"

Calling a Specific Angel, entity

You can also invoke any specific angel or entity while the energy is flowing. You simple say "I am that I am (insert name here)" and say this three times. For example...I am that I am Archangel Gabriel.

Purpose of Angel Healing

The purpose of Angel Healing is to invoke the Healing Light of the Angels for purifying, balancing, and integrating the chakra centers and to align the energetic bodies with the higher realms of Angelic consciousness. To help us heal and to bri ng us closer to Spirit.

Angel Light healing is especially calming and balancing after an emotional time.

Angel Light Healing is to be given freely and without charge.