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1.From: "Violet"

bitchin Reiki page.
wings, ye gods. I do have wings. Ah knowed it!
I always thought they were there - but never felt the weight and warmth at
my back, and never saw the hazy outline from the aura in the mirror.


2.From: Celebron Isle

whoa... That was.. Interesting.. I think dreams tonight are going to be
fubar'd.. Whoa.. Trippy Reiki Fix.. :)  I think I'm getting addicted..

3.From: Lyrica

Hi again...I finally got a chance to go look at the awaken dragon page...I
don't know what to think, but I will tell you what happened. I stared at it
for a while...and then I felt a tingling sensation cover my skin, kind of
warm, a lot like the way reiki feels(maybe cuz its a reiki symbol?) That was
it. For a while. I left, went out, did some stuff, and suddenly came down
with something like a headache right above my eyebrows. It felt more like my
skull was experiencing growing pains, but just at my eyebrows, dare I
say...what I felt was what I imagine horns would feel like growing out of my
head. My shoulders felt like they were expanding outwards...and I felt my
arms and fingers elongate...It was a bit painful. I went back to the page a
few days later, and stared at the symbol again, just to see if it was the
symbol and not my imagination going wild. This time the feeling was
instantaneous. But this time it covered my whole body. My head got the same
growing feeling, my torso stretched, arms and fingers, legs, everywhere.
Does this mean I might be a dragon???

4. From: Butterfly

Just visited your Awakenings page to gain a clearer understanding of myself.
  Now I know why I keep seeing pink and gold mist (the color of sunlight
shining on a lake at dawn) whenever I close my eyes, along with a black void
with a few stars in it.  It's my vampiric form.   This form is a very
sweet-looking and tasting mist (like sugar), and clings to you as softly as
ivy to the oak.  It can occasionally drain you if it stays too long, and
sometimes the sweetness can make you choke.  It is very easily shaken off if
it's discovered.  Of course, all vampires have a void at the core.  It's the
way I was born, the mist came later as I grew into a very feminine woman.  I
have no fangs, bat wings, etc., nor am I partial to caskets or blood.  I
have nothing in common with Dracula, Lestat, et. al.  What would I want with
fangs when all I have to do is be very sweet and wear a sexy dress?

5. From Red:

I was directed to your site.  I have been told that I was and am the
Emerald Dragon of Avalon. I wanted to tell you I have enjoyed your site
and am exploring it further.  I wanted to also share that while reading
your site, I got tremendously light headed and there was a slight
humming in my ears. What this means I do not know.  If you do not mind I
wrote down the symbols for True Form and I want to put them under my
pillow and see what happens.
  Thanks   Red


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