The Past

  • The official home of the SLIM REAPER

  • Tall, Skinny guy 6'5" (Ok, technically the present as well)

    Computer Science Major

    Soccer Team, Soccer Team Manager....BARTMAN
    Computer Science + Math Club Vice President
    Every party of first semester....and not one hangover

    Computer Science + Math Club President ..
    The Year the Club was Cool.
    Think Computer Game Fest
    (Before the demise in the later years :(

    Crowell Computer Lab Manager
    worked Holman,Unix,Nursing/GP

    Most of School Dating Tina
    (Philipina Nursing Student,Asian Club)

    Cromwell 4
    Centennial 2...the single :)
    Bordentown apartment


    Yes, The guy with that can do the "Leg Thing"
    (Double Jointed :)

    Rollerblading into class?

    Ordering $200 food in Cafeteria and bringing it back to Room
    (Boxes needed, assistant needed to carry :)

    Tallest Trick-or-Treater

    Killer of Barney
    (It wasn't quite a suicide that day he fell from the Towers
    and left that purple grape jelly splot below)

    (for cafeteria staff...who'll never let me here the end of it...:)
    Yes..The guy that won the bike
    (Which Ironically is a "Raleigh"...where I live Now)

    "Plan files"...old text files that contained whatever strange, bizarre quotes, quips, oddities, or whatever I wanted to say when somebody looked me up on my Unix account.
    (And yes, computer geek land, it was mainly for the amusement of the computer science students at first.)

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