A Collection of Poetry




Barton Wendel



















My Heart

My heart is like a singing bird,

but out of my mouth not a word.

My heart my feel it,

but my mouth can't sing it.

My heart may have power,

but my brain has more.

I feel I must cower,

So please open the door,

So my heart may live evermore.












The Hermit

I live the life of a hermit,

Sure there are people near me,

But no one is there,

No one for me.

I look for a way out,

But no one will care,

I am forced to be a hermit,

A hermit in civilization.

The hermit is gone,

Not dead, but changed.

The hermit was trapped,

trapped in an involuntary service of loneliness.

A hermit in civilization.

But now he is free,

He has broken his bonds of loneliness,

And the people have finally accepted him,

The hermit is gone.






The sky is complex,

The clouds loom overhead,

The star is almost dead,

The day is at the apex.

It was just a dot,

In the corner of the land,

Shining like a grain of sand,

Giving all its got.

The storm clouds come in,

cold and sinister,

holding the might of a fallen minister,

Its power is from without, not within.

With a mighty blow he did compel,

the star to do the unholy deed,

despite its cries of great need,

with the act he was sent to Hell,

shrouded in darkness of its veil

muffling its grievous wail.









Beware the Night

The sun retreats over the glimmering see,

gathering its last rays as it flees.

first comes the bone rattling call,

a call that eats at the soul,

calling evil.

Then comes his shadow,

he eclipses what's left of the light,

so that he may rule the lands.

He rides a mighty dragon,

black as night, breathing fire and death.

Clothed in armor, black armor, impenetrable.

He also wields a deadly sword,

the Soulsucker, one touch and your soul is his.


Beware his eyes, they are insidious,

red beads amid his blackness,

one look and your his slave,

a slave of evil.



Wisp of Hope

Many a man has followed a light,

The most deadly of lights is at night,

One can see the will-o-wisp.

The trail of the wisp is alluring,

A traveller may be lost and see a light ahead,

Gladly he follows the light,

The light stays then disappears,

then reappears further away,

The man will follow hoping for shelter,

But instead, the wisp will lead him to the den,

Where the foolish men will meet his end.

So if your out travelling at night,

Don't follow the blinking light you see,

Or you will be history.



Alas, I have found peace,

I have awaken in some foreign land,

Away from what we know as everyday life,

I am in paradise:

I am in the middle of a great field,

this field is surrounded by beauty,

the beauty is in the field,

the grass, the flowers, the wildlife is everywhere.

To the north the hill begin,

beyond the hills the breathtaking mountains climb,

Amid the mountains are many splendors,

the valley, the streams, the life.

To the south there is a land of ice and snow,

it is a white wonderland, filled with surprises,

I am not cold, for I adapt,

and I may enjoy.

To the east there is the sea,

the field flows down into the sea,

a giant field of blue,

in which life thrives in its own way,

even the sea is alive, with its constant motion,

the tide.

And to the west, the forests,

they start as scattered trees,

but they unite to form the forests,

the forests are worlds in themselves,

they are full of life,

and the life is beautiful.

Yes, this is paradise,

and I may explore and enjoy,

though eternity.

Cave in Race

I see the light,

it is the light of day,

to me it is hope, freedom, and life.

I have been trapped,

trapped in the depths of earth,

I have been wandering,

struggling, hoping, searching,

but to no avail,

I was in a maze,

a maze with no escape.

But no I have found a light.

I see it many miles away,

My heart speeds and with it I hurry,

I race knowing I could lose the light any second,

I stumble and fall,

a cry of terror sweeps me,

I know I mustn't give up,

I pull my limp body to the light,

It's fading, I hurry more,

Almost there, light almost gone,

I'm out, I'm alive.




If School Then No Time

What is time?

Second, minute, hour, day.

All work and no play.

Time is fleeting,

Time is cheating,

Not enough time for my reading.

School's in session,

And I'm in depression.

Homework piled high,

I take this time to ask why.

Here comes vacation, but don't make plans,

Teachers got work for this busy man.

Time and school,

together uncool.

Since I went to Newport Prep,

Pre-School was the last time I slept.

My time is up, this poem done,

There's still more work to ruin my fun.






A Wander through the Woods

I begin my journey on the edge of the forest,

which forest?

it doesn't matter, they are all the same.

I dart in from the field,

and disappear in the wall of trees.

At once I am pacified,

the quietness and calmness reaches my soul.

I then walk a ways and find a trail,

one of natures free willed trails,

Not one on mans thought out trails

but an animal trail headed to beauty.

I follow the trail for a while,

for there is no time in beauty,

and the forest is a thing of beauty.

Along the trail I see;

thousands of trees, but each unique,

a lot of plants, free to glow as they please,

and animals wandering free.

At the end I find a stream,

a stream which feeds the forest the life,

and the beauty.








Forever Yours

Love is for two,

Once we met, we began eternity,

An eternity together.

We wander though the gardens,

Enjoying every step, moment, feeling.

When we are finished with earth,

We will go together,

Together into the heavens,

There it does not end,

But we continue in happiness, together.












My Paradise

My paradise is hidden, somewhere,

Somewhere is the whispering woods of West Virginia,

Many miles from civilization,

Yet one lone wood cabin rests here.

To some, it juts out so obvious,

To me, it blends in with the trees.

Off its wooden porch,

I see:

Flowing fields restricted only by the trees.

And here one lone stream follows nature's course,

Until altered, altered to enter the pond of life.

And now, the lonely stream must face:

The barbaric bass,

The basic bluegill,

And the frightened frogs,

Who hope that they will find peace.






My Paradise Lost

This winter break I did go,

TO the place I knew as paradise,

It is the place I described before.

Back in the woods of West Virginia,

It was my home away from home,

My sanctuary from it all,

Yet now I visit and find it changed,

The place has fallen into disrepair, neglect:

The grass unmowed, the bushes unkept,

The porch boards loose, the furniture a mess,

The wood uncut, the house sits cold,

The treehouse broken, the shed on a tilt,

The weir washed away, the pond looses life, water,

The house has faded, my memory lives on,

The place is encroached, cut into civilization:

The dirt road becomes a lane,

Three neighbors become twenty,

Boundaries unthought of, now a line,

Trees unburdened now carry a sign, "No Trespassing,"

Walking the woods now carries a fine,

Journey restricted, my memory lives on.

Thirty-six acres is all there is left,

It must not be given to greedy man,

But what can I do when I'm away half a year at a time?

There is one thing I can do, remember.







To the west I see;

the setting sun in its beauty.

A giant hazy red ball being pushed, to its death.

Along with it goes the beauty,

the peaceful clouds turn into storms,

all the color leaves the land,

with color and light goes the life,

all the animals retreat to shelter.

And from the east;

come the armies of evil and darkness,

they come in a sheet of black nothingness,

millions of soldiers known as stars to hold the sheet,

the predators come and eat the last of the beauty,

and to lead the armies, there is the moon,

with its unearthly gleam.







Amidst a Storm

Away up overhead, the battle goes on,

the battle of life and death.

Not just your life, but everyone's,

We are only bystanders to the event,

but it is about us.

We see the fight as we go on,

a hit to life;

many die,

a quick counterstike to death;

the birth of a new generation.

We are insignificant beings,

Yet we are the casualties.


















Summer Sunset

The sun is setting once again,

Over the empty beach.

An orange-red ball of light,

Passing beyond the horizon.

The sky with few clouds, mostly clear,

Is colored brightly in many colors.

The beach, still lit, still bright,

Sits alone during the night.

The wind blows softly from afar,

Calmly soothing the days wounds and scars.

The water always moving, always alive,

The waves always coming to the shore.

The night, longer than before,

Comes and goes gently as day returns once more.

The sun rejoins the beach in the new day,

And finds him ready for his lady.











What to do...for you

Let me know what to say,

Let me know what to do,

to get you to love me too.

Just a word or a smile,

Just a call to say hi,

Just don't let time pass us by.

Let me know what to say,

Let me know what to do,

to get you to love me too.

I want to know the way to your heart,

I want to know where to start.

I want to....Love You.







The Wanderer

He is the one without a home,

Not what we today call homeless,

just one without a permanent address.

Man or woman, it doesn't matter,

It can be either one,

I say he for convention.

Born of normal parents he was,

though unwanted of nature,

kept around for parents stature.

Rough childhood he did have,

Tortured, teased and abused,

lonely, frightened and confused.

Unhappy in home and at school,

forced to keep to himself, keep it inside,

Nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide.

And before the child had become a man,

the only one who loved him at all,

his mom, was killed in the fall.

In the heat of an argument,

She was pushed back, an accident he said,

But too late, for she was dead.

Father and son fought who was to blame to no end,

The father turned to drink,

The sun turned in on himself,

A bad combination the two did make,

Fighting and arguing day after day,

Fought till there was one thing left to day,


The sun walked out and ran away,

Didn't know where or how to pay,

He was on his own to figure that out,

He had no money so he just walked,

Sun, rain, or fog he went and never balked.

Out of that house, he was a new man,

who was he, he did not know.

kind of numb with no where to go.

Wondered street to street,town to town, state to state,

Never staying long enough to be known,

Never long enough for any seeds to be sown.

Would stop somewhere just long enough to get comfortable,

just moved in, just settled in,

then it is time to get up and move again.

All he wanted was a place to stay, a place called home,

Which he never did get, never until,

He was finally stopped by the trains shrill whistle.

A final spot was then his,

comfort and peace and everything was given to me,

a place called home, the cemetery




A Fools Quest

The search of love is the search of a fool,

Love is there in the form so hidden,

it is not to be seen by the human eye,

to be caught by the human hand,

nor to be understood by the mind.

It will manifest itself on a whim,

play games with the mortals,

make them feel that they have the intangible,

and vanish into the air as quickly as it came.

Not to look, not to search, not to try,

is the key to it all.

Let it come to you and be as natural as

the sun to a new day.

Let it rise and fill you with light,

and keep that light strong and bright,

till the end of that day,

may it never come.



















Hidden Treasure

Show me the beauty to which I seek,

show me beauty or show me defeat,

With just a glance, it skips my eye,

But stay some more, and see beauty inside.

The beauty to hide, and adore.

A lovely woman is she,

caring and warm inside,

full of beauty, that almost past me by,

A friend she was, and more she shall be,

together, her and me.
























The Web

One poet did once conceive,

"Oh what a tangled web we weave",

Oh so true, to the mark,

have I fit into my part.

Each person is on this web,

as a center of many threads,

each one crossing and going its way,

each fine thread glistens in a day.

Each thread a threat, a beauty,

each to avoid, each to see,

each of every one wrapped to be,

as a wing gets trapped of me.

The slightest touch to the web,

fight the hold till strength is fled,

flex the bonds, maybe break a thread,

alert the spider, my life is dead.
























It's where the sun never sets,

where the clouds never come,

Where I stop, wandering,

is where I call home,

A place I've always known,

from where I start to roam,

a place always home,

Never to return, again.

The past is in my mind,

a treasure to never find,

One...that must...be left behind,















Life is harsh, life is cruel,

One life to live, the life of a fool.

Take a path, take a turn,

Stray to far and he'll burn.

Try as hard as you can,

Do all you wish,

make the choice

and make a stand.

The choice is yours, to make,

right or wrong, what's at stake?

make it wrong and sink into despair,

plummet into the bottomless pit,

fall into eternity, or,

grab, grasp, and climb your way out.

A wrong does make a right,

Only if it is worth putting up the fight.

Left, right, forward, back.

Make the choice.









Simple Wish

Into your eyes that I do stare,

A simple wish for me to share,

Happy Valentines Day!




Till next time

Like the rose as it is to leave

my hand,

I ask when I shall partake your

sweet fragrance again.

To say never, I wilt and die.

To say soon, happily I do fly.





Simple Wishes

To hear your voice

is to make my day

To see your smile

is to fill my world

To make you happy

is my goal

To be with you

is my desire

one to set my heart afire







Follow your heart to where it goes,

to where no one knows,

It may take you down a strange place,

or end up with a familiar face,

A friend is there, arms wide,

Take her inside.








Say it Now

To my belle,

I wish you well.

To my friend, to the end,

I have a message to send,

Just a few words I wish to say,

To say it now, to say it today.

I say this in hopes you feel the same,

towards me as I to you,

I like you.

Friends are what you make them,

to be a friend is all and fine,

but look across the line,

beyond friendship is so much more,

to take a step is to open the door,

to say the words and hear in kind,

to say the thought in heart and mind,

I like you.

All I want is the words, three or four,

to fly from your lips to make my heart soar.

Beautiful words from the beauty herself,

"I like you too."

And just in case...

Please be kind and do not spite,

I said how I feel and who I like,

words and a feeling,

nothing without the same in return.

So if nothing there, the words shall disappear,

Yet I shall remain,

to stay your friend forever.





Smell of Roses

To a flower of spring,

here is the love I bring,

Let your petals open and bloom,

I'll be there

to sip your nectar and give you care,

as your beauty unfolds,

I shall be there to inhale your fragrance,

and enjoy to sun on your radiance.

A walk thru the gardens,

Stop and smell the roses.











Still Winds

In the summer sunset, I saw its hue,

As I sat, the still winds blew.

All the colors were there for me,

The lights did fade as the sun went down,

under my tree,

the still wind blew.

The sun was down as the moon did rise,

A star shown bright, in the distance.

Above the trees, above the hue,

The still wind blew.

The leaves of old stirred and swayed,

The river below went on its way.

From my tree and scenic view,

I left as the still wind blew.
































The pearl to find

I walk the beach upon the sand,

a single man was he,

an empty beach was all to see,

Beauty everywhere in its place.

I run the sand thru my hand,

no worry, there is plenty there,

But means nothing as the waves crash down.

My own beauty I shall find,

Upon the beach in the sand,

Like a pearl to be resulting in my hand,

I await the day.













Here I sit in my chair,

Alone I sit,

Alone I stare,

To the blank white wall.

With nothing there.


























Seek the Fair

To those ladies sweet and fair,

I seek thee out,

I know you are out there.

Of some I see your beauty and your grace,

of others, I have yet to see your face.

Once shy, I must be bold,

take the chance,

and find love untold,

my future lies not alone,

make the moves, pickup the phone.







Tree Limbs

The wind blows and the leaves go too,

and the branches sway as they do.

The leaves scatter, leaving memories behind,

branches break and some stay fine.

A new day rises with the sun,

and fresh light with the day begun,

fresh branches start to grow over the old,

leaves pop out of a midmorning cold.

Every day a new cycle stirs.























Across the water to which I stare,

I wonder if anyone cares.

A reflection on the rippling pool.

A stray boat alone to drift,

A hungry cats cry to break the silence,

in a world of hurt, hunger, and violence.

An empty night of empty meaning,

the light is waning,

to troubled home to sleep,

with the sun down and the hurt done,

The boat sails in,

to the fisherman's sin.







This is for the one,

Who was there from the start.

This is from the son,

writing from his heart.

I would like to say,


For today and everyday,

for being you.

Thank you for all the love and kindness,

For all your help and support you have given,

For the jokes and general weirdness,

And everything there is to be known,

That makes you, you,

In everything you are and do,

I say it again, THANK-YOU.

Happy Mothers Day.
















Thank-you Too

This is for the one,

Who has always been a part.

This is from the son,

Writing from his hearts.

I would to say,

Thank you.

For today and everyday,

For being you.

Though at times, a major pain is what you are,

I thank you for the love, help, and support you have given,

For your striving for me to go far,

And everything there is to be known,

That makes you, you.

In everything you are and do,

I say it again, THANK-YOU.

Happy Fathers Day.












Walking down the street some days,

One thought, which way,

Familiar paths start wearing down,

New ones, yet unfound,

Twists and turns, or straight ahead,

Where, my heart fled,

To pick a path I can't decide,

Nowhere, run or hide,

Straight ahead, blindly into the night,

choose, wrong or right.














Inner Peace

When all hopes seem lost,

look no further and let it be,

rest your faith, in thee.

Your inner self knows the answers,

calm yourself and let it come,

don't panic is words of some.

Any problem you come to face,

Help is there inside you,

You will see it thru.








A mighty blast did sound the cry,

echoes boom of danger drawn nigh.

Shattered peace in the world so calm,

Unknown, the calm before the storm.

The people ran and people fled,

to shelter behind walls, doors and bed.

Shouts of death and destruction,

and a path which left nothing.

To each one they met their fate,

next to wait the pearly gate,

all but one, who did not fall,

as he stood fast, stood tall.

Amidst the clammer and the fear,

He sat calm as danger drew near.

And danger past by his way,

leaving him to his stay.

Ignorance is bliss and bravery itself.















The Wisp

Like an angel, floating in the air,

Looking radiant, always o'er there.

Just a little out of reach.

There she is, just a little more,

a few more steps to reach her door,

and then she disappears yet again.

But wait, there again twenty feet down the path,

floating so dearly above the mist,

Is that angel the will-o-wisp.







The Past Inside

The tales of old never die,

Live on and on, in the words that fly,

through the song and the dance,

of the bard who plays to romance.

The song is sung of days of old,

many a story is again retold,

of love, romance, and chivalry,

heroes, samaritans, and those of history.

Listen to the words as they are said,

Not just ideas to fill your head,

For out past is never forgotten,

It lives in each of us everyday.























The Ghost Who Walks

The Ghost who walks is on our streets,

The Ghost who walks is under feet.

He is there everyday,

to make a life without any pay.

We walk the streets and see him there,

Though he has disappeared into the air,

His invisible hand reaching out in need,

We hear no voice, his hand unseen.

To sidestep a ghost, will make it go away,

And we'll continue undaunted on our way.

When we pass here tomorrow,

We will feel no sorrow, and no care,

of the ghost lying there, dying slow,

Just keep walking, just go,

You'll see me tomorrow,

Though you wish it were not so.

































Keep Quiet

Such a dream to ride the sky,

to be on top of it all,

to be so proud, to take a fall,

because of a dream...to high.

Such a dream was his only want,

He stole the chariot of the day,

And told everyone of his way,

full of pride, did he flaunt.

On the young fools ride of the sun,

The gods did smite the happy one,

Too much pride and boasting,

Set himself up for his undoing.





Clouds and Air

If I could fly up into the air,

To be sure, I'd be there,

Up on wings of crystal gold,

to tell you my story of love untold.

If I could raise to such heights,

into the heavens to be your delight,

to be right there, by your side,

on a cloud of air, let my heart confide.

To such an angel I'll never reach,

on a pedestal of clouds and air.









































Return to Oneness

The return to one

Is a journey without a step

That can happen quick and

Take eternity,

Paradox itself.

Oneness is feeling one with all,

And all with one.

Now alone, oneness can be felt easier.







A message comes in many ways.

A message is said in many says,

Seeing, hearing, though,

Smelt, tasted, felt,

Knowing, feeling, and perceiving,

It is up to your believing.

What comes to me,

To me is true,

just as true as I can see you now.

This may mean nothing to you,

I just say what I see,

Speak what I hear,

Convey the thoughts in my mind,

And any info I perceive,

And keep my mind in its own place,

Not to judge, nor evaluate,

Say how it was, how it is, how it may be,

Or turn it around to could, should, or may have been,

Is it a fear, a hope, a feeling affected,

Is it something even in this time,

Or a time longs ago, or to be…

Past lives, other worlds, future even,

Or is it all our imagination.













Teaching toward perfection

I tell you all as I understand,

I am here as just a man,

Perfection I strive for,

And may never reach,

But to try, to always become better,

Is what I preach,

And if you want, all I will teach.

All I know is open to share,

To help everyone is my goal,

To be the best I can be,

And help all the same,

Is all I want,

Life to be,






A Vision of Beauty

Of all the beauty I have seen,

You my dear, are its queen,

You take my breath,

And you take my heart,

Now take my words into yours,

And smile.

Such a smile,

On sweet lips,

Heaven + bliss would be your kiss.

How I wish to know you more,

I open my arms as an open door.

A simple joy to see you smile,

Would make it all worth while.

To please you is a dream,

My wish for dreams to come true,

Is a dream of happiness for you.














Angels around Me

You ask what an angel look like,

With a smile on your face,

My best reply would be… You,

Shining in divine grace,

With wings of gold,

So feather soft,

Like your skin and touch,

I feel touched by an angel,

I feel the smooth softness of your skin,

With a glow of energy pure.

The gentle voice is angelic too,

With the calmness of a kittens purr.

Euphoria I feel all in you.



Love and Water

I feel the love in the air,

I draw it in,

And feel you there.

Emotion the feeling,

And the energy,

Draw it in to your being,

Let it fill you, as it has me,

Feel the love, with a thought,

Drink it in and glow in energy.