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I am a Reiki Master (Usui and Karuna and Imara).

Best described by actually experiencing it.   Using our natural energy (“chi”) to help the person on body, mind, and soul levels.  Energy is what keeps our body going.  For example, the nervous impulses passing thru our body are electrical energetic signals to and from the brain.   Every atom in every cell is held together by energetic bonds and manipulation of these energies can have amazing effects.  I can teach you how to use this energy to help heal yourself and others.
Reiki is an ancient technique of healing.  Has existed for thousands of years.  It is a form of energetic healing.

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  • Here are excerpts from a talk I give on Reiki...
    Just to let you know, I used to be a computer programmer.  Very scientific minded, still am.  So it took a lot of research into scientific studies and a lot of personal hands on experience for me to fully except something this new and different.

      Reiki is an ancient healing art thousands of years old, rediscovered  recently by a Dr. Usui in Japan by a mystical experience in meditation.  It is a hands on healing technique (which actually can be done with hands off and far away as well).  Reiki is a type of energetic healing that uses our natural energy, known as chi and Ki in asia, orgone and lifeforce in the scientific community.  Reiki also allows us to tap into the infinite universal energy and channel it thru us to heal so that we do not use up our own energy.
    What is this energy thing?

    Energy is in everything.
       every piece of matter is held together by energetic bonds, electrons whirling around a nucleus at different rates of speed or vibrations.

      light is energy, a light wave traveling from the sun to here that we can then transform to make solar power

     sound is energy, the sound wave of my voice, or from a radio transmitter that can send a sound wave to another part of the country.

    our bodies use energy.  sometimes I feel real energetic  (run in place), sometimes I feel like I have no energy (droop off sleepy).
    The brain operates on energy patterns recognized and measured as brain waves.
    To make my finger move, a nervous signal must be sent from my brain to my finger in a combination of electrical and chemical reactions.
    The heat put out by my body is a form of energy.

    Our bodies are constant sources of energy, and as we sit here, energy from the universe is passing thru us at every instant for example, radio sand waves, light, heat, and so on.

    SO,  all this energy can be used in useful ways.

    In Reiki you learn to use the energy that is present everywhere in the universe and use it for good.
    Reiki can only be used for good becuase it is a pure form of energy.
    Reiki is Love and love can do no harm.
      For those that are religeous, this is the same healing that Jesus did (on a smaller scale for now) and he said himself,
    “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me, can do the same miracles I have done, and even greater things than these will you do.”
    This energy is an expression of Gods love and is directed to heal.
    I saw somewhere....God is Love and Vice Versa

    The energy is directed by the higher power of God to go where it is necessary to heal.
    Or you can think the part that needs to heal acts like a magnet to the energy.

    Our bodies are constantly trying to heal itself.  Thru Reiki this can be sped up.

    Doctors currently use a small zap of electricity to a broken bone to stimulate our bodies ability to heal itself.  So we can do the same thing by sending a small amount of energy to the parts that need it most.

    Reiki is taught in three levels.
    The first level, Reiki I teaches you how to heal on the physical level.  Aches and pains, wounds, illnessess, and any physical problems.
        Personally I have seen an inch long cut on myself shrink to half the size in less than 30 minutes.  And I have worked on my girlfriend, who was a complete skeptic...she had a big bug bite that itched to no end, and I told her I would fix that,  and she responded that was impossible, and all the while I had my hand on the bite, she kept telling me that I would not be able to do it, and in a few minutes the itching stopped.  Then a few minutes later I had her look and the swelling had shrunk down in half, a few minutes later, it completely dissappeared...Wow., I think she was convinced then.  (so was I)

    Reiki II is a huge increase in power over level one.  There are symbols given to the student that have healing power.  These symbols only work if you are trained to this level, kinda like learning a new language, unless someone teaches you, the writing is giberish. The physical healing power is much stronger.  This level mainly works with  mental and emotional healing.  There is also the ability to do distance healing.
        My best personal experience with mental emotional healing is when my girlfriend and I have stupid fights, I will step into the next room and from behind the door offer her emotional healing without her conscious knowing, then step back out and she is no longer upset and has no idea why.
       For distance healing, her grandmom in New Jersey was grief striken from the recent loss of her husband and could not sleep at nights.  I did distance healing on her every night of the week and each night I did, my girlfriend would call  me up ten minutes later and ask if I just worked on her, she is out cold.  The grandmother was not aware that I was helping her.  One night, I forgot, and I got a call around midnight from my girlfriend asking if I had forgot,...oops sorry, hung up, and ten minutes after the healing, she called me back and told me she was out cold again.

    Reiki III is the level that increases your power even more.  For those that chose to teach others this level is the Reiki Master level that teaches you how to teach others this gift.  New symbols and new healing techniques are usually taught here.  For example, I have become aware of new
    symbols and offer them to the student here along with attuneing crystals, perpetual reiki grids, and  psychic surgery.

    I offer healing treatments to anyone and everyone.  I have found Reiki works wonderfully with massage to give the person in essence two treatments in one.  But I also give separate Reiki treatments as well.  My rate for healing treatments are $50 per hour session.

    Being a Reiki Master, I teach Reiki as well.
     The rates I charge are $100 for Reiki I, $150 for Reiki II, $300 for Reiki III

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