The possible extra gifts of a reiki attunement

In addition to the reiki…these are some of the things I can do after my level 1 and 2. And hence you may inherit these abilities.

It is all your choice if you want to do these things. Just like reiki you can turn it on or off with your intent.

  1. Increased perception. All senses may be heightened.
  2. For example…While doing reiki, hearing may be greatly increased.

  3. You may start to perceive things
  4. Spiritual guides (using any of the senses)


    Symbols (I want a copy)


    Around the body, around objects, etc…

    In front of the body (medical intuitive)


    Energy in general

  5. Increased intuition, psychic awareness
  6. Find water and draw in its energy

Like Mork-N-Mindy show of the 80's, he would drink by putting his finger in the glass and inhale thru his finger. Go outside and relax your hands with palms facing up (its just easier it seems that way, though not necessary). Point your fingers to the source of water (stream, pond, lake, ocean, river, etc…). Now imagine inhaling thru your fingers, imaging drawing in the energy thru your fingertips. You will probably feel your reiki energy turn on or feel a tingling sensation in your fingertips. Point away from the water and see if the sensation stops.

You can do this with any natural source of energy. Trees, the earth, the sky, the wind, the moon, the sun, etc… Each one will have its own feel and how it affects you. To me, the water charges me up with energy. I do not recommend doing it with electricity, the times I tried, it was quite uncomfortable.

5. Finding lost objects, people, your direction, etc…

Think of the thing you want to find. Use the same method for finding water as said above. Use your hands as a sort of gyger counter.

6. We can do anything, it is the power of our mind that lets us and prevents us from doing many things. Give everything a try, you'll be amazed at what you can do.