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There are many types of healing techniques.  I have been in this field for only a few years now, but have come across a number of ways.
And these are most of the ones I do....So Far :)

If you are interested in experiencing or learning any of these techniques
Many of these techniques can be done at a distance also,
with the obvious exception of massage (Not even my arms are that long)

Massage Therapy
I am a Massage Therapist
Massage Therapy is basically the physical manipulation of the soft tissues of the body to create a better physical/mental/emotional/spiritual sense of being.

Swedish Massage:   Gentle soothing strokes to ease, calm, relax, and wipe away the aches and pains, tension, and soreness. A great overall massage to make your body float away.
Deep Tissue:  Slow specific strokes to work out knots, tight muscles, and deep muscle pain.  Painless application of these strokes helps heal the deepest and most sore muscles.
And more.....

To Find out more about Massage Therapy and my business
Click Here...."A Massage To Remember"

I am a Reiki Master.
Reiki is an ancient energetic healing technique.

The Best System I've seen and used so far for immediate physical pains when massage is not available or practical for the pain.
Also great for immediate Emotional and spiritual issues.
Distance Healing.
 Click here for More on Basic Reiki

And many non-traditional magical specialty :)
 Click here for more on Advanced Reiki....

Brief descriptions/classes of the 3 traditional levels of Reiki
and advanced levels 4 and 5 (Karuna and Imara)

Power of Will
A new energy system that works with just a thought.
If the problem area is known, able to focus on it like a laser and clear it.
If applied in general, goes to whole body, wherever needed.
Very powerful healing technique, especially if attention focused.
A new energy system that I channeled Jan 99.
Has a different energetic feel/flavor.

Similar to Reiki, yet more intense.
A stronger spiritual connection, Angelic guided healing,  higher consciousness, past life issues healed, spiritual insight for de-densifying, restructuring, and balancing human energy field (especially emotional trauma).
Good for healing issues that are not obvious immediate affecting you.  (ex, if held in anger from earlier event, may have shoulders raised, yet be used to that so don't think of the strain on the shoulder muscles)

Angel Light Healing
Invoking the Angels to do the healing.  Spiritual guided healing.
Creates a blissful feeling.
See/Hear/Feel/know Angels.
Want to learn how... Click Here...

Hawai'in Energetic Healing Techinque

Ho'oponopono: Forgiveness exercise, so people in past no longer affect you (including past lives, and self)

Higher Self Therapy: Mental Repatterning exercise, changing thought patterns
like replacing low self confidence with higher self confidence
any problem you have with others is an issue in self usually and can be repatterned so that that issue of the other person no longer affects you
For example:I used to think of this one person as very negative and that got to me,
did the exercise and replaced negativity with positivity in myself and now that persons negativity no longer bothers me.

Elemental Energy
Absorb and get energized by the energies of the elements
and be able to channel it back out.
Earth, Water, Air, Fire  (even electricity)
(I channeled this technique Jan 99)

How to Be Free from Allergies (Food,airborn,etc...),
 My allergies cured

It is a technique that combines accupressure, energetics, muscle testing, and mental repatternings.  Its pretty cool, and very effective. Basically, it retrains your body and mind to stop seeing these substances as dangerous. Which is a falsehood anyway, our minds our wrongly trained much earlier to think it is a dangerous or foriegn substance...for fall at age 1 into a pile of dust, you start crying, get all puffy eyed,...your bodies natural defenses don't know that it is just emotions and thinks there is a foriegn invader in the body,..finds dust, and then starts the allergic response to get it out of the body.  From that point on the body immune system cells recognize that substance as a allergen, especially if similar occurances of bad events and dust happen again,..body says I told you so, and the reaction gets stronger.  In reality is dust bad for you? will it kill you?  Why does it affect some and not others?  Now have this technique done to you and you get your mind and body talking to each other, the mind retrains the body...hey it's just dust and heal the past and lets you live the present.  Works the same with all airborn and food allergies.  I should know I should be sneezing my head off and be in the hospital with the pollen and the foods I've put back into my diet.

How to Be Free from Fears and Phobias,
How to Be Free from Traumas (This Life and Past Life and Genetic),
How to Be Free from unwanted thought patterns and beliefs

Elven Healing..Tap into the fae/elf energies and channel it back into healing.

Nutritional Changes
How to be alleviate/clear Allergies
and to Improve your general and overall Health
 Clearer, stronger, and easier to use healing / magical energies
And many other benefits

Astrological Charts
Done on computer with 15-20 pages of explanations to what it all means.
Also comparision do you and you mate fare.
(Apparently time of birth is quite important, the first time I put mine in and was 2 hours off on time of birth, it was about 50% wrong, when I found out the exact time and did it again, it was then at least 90% accurate)

Crystals and stones have their own energetic properties.
These properties can enhanced with energy work and attuned to have any intent.
(For example make a stone calming, increase psychic abilities, etc...)
They can be used in healing as well.
(For those that doubt, find a peice of Copper Sulfate  [Chalcanthite], you may notice that when you hold that stone your sense of perception is much increased, especially hearing.  I've had people who don't do energy work hold it and were able to hear the sounds outside crystal clear (pun intended) as if they were right inside....
I was able to hear conversations 30 feet away as if they were right in my ear.)

Intuitive Counseling
I have a strong sense of intuition that I can use to help you answer your questions. I do not claim to be a professional "psychic". But I usually can see some of the future given the energy of the event in question.  Hence, if you have a specific will I get a raise tommorrow?,..I do pretty good at those.  My strongest ability is yes/no/maybe questions.
Intuition/psychic knowing, pendulums, muscle testing, tarot cards,I-Ching.
I also have a strong internal BS-Meter to determine truth/false.

Probability Magik
Any event in the future is not 100% certain, Energy can be put into any future event to make its probability more likely to happen.

DNA Activation
Activate all your DNA strands.  We have 2 physical ones, and 10 etheric strands.
Activation of these strands brings you closer to your whole etheric template, makes you more clear, pure, and energetic.
Changes occur in all aspects of your life, for your highest good.

Chakra Balancing
Open, charge, balance all the energy centers of your body.

Miscellaneous Magiks

Astral Travel
Weather Manipulation
Road Magik (traffic lights, protection, clearing space, etc...)
Time Manipulation...some success, working on it J
Invisibility...some success, working on it J
Teleportation...working on it J
and more :)

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