A Massage To Remember

Treat yourself to a session:

Heal, Rest, Relax, Relief + Enjoy

Learn to Heal Yourself and Others:

Classes available to fit your time and budget

Tap into unlimited sources of Healing Energy

Traditional Reiki 1, 2, 3 with lots of extra information

Karuna Reiki (Level 4), Imara Reiki (Level 5)

Heal with the Power Of Will, Use Elemental Energy, Angel Light Healing, and more J

Techniques to be Free of Allergies, Fears, Traumas

Repatterning thoughts & behaviors so they no longer affect you, Forgiveness exercises so the past is healed

Psychic/Intuitive Counsel (Especially Yes/No questions)

Astrological Charts with 15+ pages interpretation

 (yes, I took out the phone number...you're on the web email first :)