What is magic?
Explanation of what it is, how it works

Ok...lets start with the easy one...
Merriam-Webster definition:
n. 1. The art of persons who claim to be able to do things by the help of supernatural powers or by their own knowledge of nature's secrets. 2. an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural force. 3. Sleight of hand.

I think that may be the "mundane" definition of it.  (and by mundane, I mean not magically active).  But actually, kinda appropriate.

Magic is everywhere, in many forms.   Magic is the stuff the keeps everything going.  I think it may be accurate to say it is everything that we do not understand.
If we were to show a plane to a person a few hundered years ago,...they would say it is held up by magic. Or a flashlight even.  We know better now.
So there is a whole realm of stuff we don't understand now too.

Magic to modern day people  (and the past).... Energy work in all the forms.

It can be shown in many ways.
There can be obvious physical things...like seeing a wound heal before your eyes, moving things with the mind (telekenetics), teleportation, etc...
There can mental magics...like psychic abilities, talking to spirit (plants,animals, dead, ascended beings, etc...).
Increased perceptions...see auras, hear thoughts, feel energy, etc...
Manipulations...manifesting things you desire,  changing weather, time, probability of future events, etc..
Personal magics...repatterning self, making self a higher more pure being, etc...

If you haven't gotten the idea yet....I could go on forever with whole list of things.

How to do magic workings....
Can be as easy as just thinking it.  Intent is very powerfull.
You can get training in any number of techniques.
You can do formal/informal rituals.
will add more later....

Much more to be written... :)

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