How to make Magik Stronger



Energetic/ Magik ability is a skill, you must practice to build it stronger

Believe that you can do anything.
    Including what you think as the impossible.
   The impossible is the Possible.

Magik and Energy work is largely a matter of intent.  If you have the right intent, the energy will go to that goal.
(Note...always good to add..."For the Highest good of all"  and "With Grace")

Do lots of self healing.  Or recieve lots of healing sessions.
The more clear a chanell you are, the less the energies have to clear up first in you to get out and do the work you want.


Clear out negative thoughts, thought patterns, old junk.


Healthy Diet...If your body is not fighting to digest foods that if can not digest properly or otherwise causes your system to not be at peak, then part of your energy is already diverted.
Hints on how to have a healthy diet:  Click Here

Lower stress.
Enjoy what you do.  Work and Play.
Get enough sleep.

Love unconditionally.

Get out in nature.... and draw in the energy around you.
Tap into natural energy sources when you can...Water, Air, Fire, Earth, etc...

Learn.  Knowledge IS power.
Learn as many different techniques as you can.
Learn material from different teachers, even if you already know it, may still have something new.

Experiment.  Try it.

Enjoy, and have fun.

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