If you want to find me, look to Crowell Computer Lab, my new home

What to find there: ME, Satan, and a bunch of Comp Sci majors escaping Holman

and 30 IBM 486 66 mhz machines (best on campus), an all around Great lab

So this is school once again... Still the same ole $#@!, but new + improved

Dr. C said get some sleep, didn't say where and when, goodnight (morning)

Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Nursing?

Procrastination 101

Bird shot, Big Bird shot

Summoning thee and you shall be addicted

The stealth aerobe, need I say more?

Volleyball, a sport where the tall must block (attempt)

The one fingered salute (for a week)

Ho Ho OOOH... the pocket fisherman returns

I thought we canned his as$ last year

ADS= an evil math course with a CMSC title and 0 does equal 0

ps- send me mail or get Bird Shot.