Word of wisdom from the Slim Reaper:

avoid Death, ADS, the rub...whatever you want to call it

One Day vacation, just say "No" to school

Hi I am 6'5" want another volleyball player?

(reply...cool man, Yes)

You just never know what will pop up in practice

(so Spike M Hard)

You have logged into a place called The Twilight Zone

(coming soon to a terminal near you)

Huh, Huh this teacher sucks, huh huh

(which one?)

Hell Weekend + 2 days = ADS, Database, Compilers, Stress midterm

(excuse me Dr. but your stress midterm is causing me stress)

We are how far into the game? You got to be kidding.

Warning: lab under waters waters, lab not watersproof.

ps- send me mail or suffer the fate of the Slim Reaper.