It's not who you know, it's what you know sometimes.

Who you know can get you there, what you know makes it run well.

Time for a few surprises and planning for evil.

Days o Pain. This Sucks. (Can't Bite)

Nomination for the (UN)necessarry root canal.

It hurts me bad, in a tender location...ok, so it's only my mouth.

Scavenger Hunt for Supplies for the Scavenger Hunt.

The Scavenger Hunt in the Haunted apartment of Bordentown

The Slim Reaper, Satan, and the Demoness in HELL

entrails,maggots,eyeballs,runes,pitchforks,vampire stakes,dead plants

find all the above without harming the denizens of HELL

The winner wacks the whopper with the wacker

Meatloaf...wants a HO HO (look in the whopper)

Oh no, there's two of me now

Rob: rotating the sword,blowing the ghost,and eating runes (non-toxic yellow)

Death does not have a butt

Time to be gassed. (Is it worse than ADS?)


ps- send me mail or get wacked.