Famous last words of a dentist...

1. This won't hurt a bit. 2.Ok so I lied. 3. Here is your bill.

Questions of the week...

What are the chances of getting hit with a volleyball in the face on the

day of a root canal and not been hit all year yet? (too Damm high)

(and yes, you did tell me so, but I play anyway)

6'5" white male on Asian volleyball team? Yeah, so what's your point?

Just cross out the words you don't want to say, stressful?

Delete Key, I don't remember pressing the delete key in Syscon...OOPS

(now, whose account was that?)

We have a WHAT due WHEN?

I have to get up when? Ugggg. (Walking dead until awake)

Who is Marty?

Reply of the week that you don't want to hear...

Yes that is a gun in my pocket and No I am not happy to see you.

ps- send me mail or get the reply of the week.