Has anyone ever been a passenger with Yong Lee?

You may fall in sleep in his class, but not in his car...

"State tags, we ain't getting pulled over in this thing"

If I go, I am taking you two with me.-- back seat ragdoll

4 teachers say its right, 1 computer judge says it's wrong,

(i don't care if you copied a working solution letter for letter,

it's still wrong, sorry you may not even register)

Marty? or was that Maria? have a triangle.

Invoke Charisma... NOT.

We shall lose with dignity, or we shall lose without dignity,

but we shall lose. (optimism?)

No, we didn't lose yet. (we are working on it)

Volleyball is over for now, and my mouth is still intact.

(best fun I had in a while, it was worth getting nailed but not drilled)

School,sleep,school,sleep.....Paper, program?

I hate 2 things, papers and math...what do i get? A Conjura math paper,DAM#

What does this week hold?....

ps- send me mail or write my ADS paper.