Barney is a masochist, punch him in the stomach and he says:

That was neat, do it again.

Parallel 69 Rules---Kill Barney!

Hehe, I've got the "secret program" hehe

I love this school soooo much.....NOT

That man sounds like a prick (in unison)

Stress...It ain't over till the...wait a's over (Friday)

Tooo verbose....wait a sec...I got a what?

Thy kingdom come, the dishes shall be done.

Heeeeeerrrrrrrrrreeeeeeessss Jerry

I shall never make A booboo, a mistake maybe, but no no A booboo

Chair Derby, Wolf, Satanic infestation?

Mrs. Bobbitt says 23 chopping days till Xmas


ps- send me mail or spend a day in a Barney suit in the Mall.