Finals. teachers translation= REVENGE!!!!!

(so be careful about teacher evaluations, do them afterwards)

Unix + C, Santa went crazy and "I am done" (NOT!!!!!)

Dbase= Thank God for Ryan, where is he anyway?

Stress-free, its over (what a shame, nice course)

Compilers - T minus 10 minutes

(I've got the "secret program" hehe)

ADS Blows-I may stay to love it twice, but I go down trying

Misqoute- the virus started in Holman. and it couldn't be on accident

(Spencer what where you doing in that picture anyway?...COMPILERS?)

Study ADS till I die and 0 = 0

CSC lookout, see you next week. (I'll be here over break)

Mrs. Bobbitt says X chopping days till Xmas

ps- send me mail or take my ADS final!!!!