Poltergiest: They're baaaaack

Parents: They're gooooone

Us: We're deeeeeaaaaaaad

CSC boring as can be, will I return? (I hope not)

"I want my Sweet-n-Low...(chomp)"

Games, games, need more games

A gig!

I graduate! The rest are unimportant.

Rob: Popping the Trump and loosing big.

What a way to return to school, first day is cancelled, I love it

Sledding on Towers trays, Crashing into Centenial

Senior (suitcase) Seminar.....he he

Indep Study in Graphics with Goldberg (YES!)

2 blow-off classes: Emergancy Care, Massage/Shiatsu/Reflexology

(a-deeba a-deeba Thats all Folks!)

ps- send me mail or meet the guy thats wants his Sweet-n-Low