This semesters workload?

3 credit Massage class (YES) (can we say Blowoff class?)

Emergancy Care (I think we killed the baby, its dead Jim)

Indep Study with Goldberg (I guess I should start it by now)

Senior Seminar (Time for Prolog B...he he)

Manager of Crowelldom again (I'm Dooomed)

Volleyball (the sport for this non-basketball player)

Graphics junkie ("Shall we play a game...")

Computer Game junkie (Mortal Kombat--Rayden wins, Fwawless Victory)

And just general goofing off

Can you match the People we know with Return of the Jedi, send back your guess

Darth Vader The Evil Emporer Jabba the Hut The blue thing with Jabba

The big monster of Jabba Chewbacca Any 3 Ewoks C3PO R2D2

The fish-head admiral of the good-guys Luke Hans and Princess Leia

ps- send me mail or mud wressle Jabba the Butt