While the system was away, the cat and mice still play.........

Computer Game Fest ... Games Games Games in Crowell (what a surprise)

Run by non-officers it went even beter.

Club, what club? We have a club? Budget? Members? Interest?

Mogol Mania in Shawnee.

Double jointed split legs and still sliding and bouncing on butt

OOOhhhhh that musta hurt, He's STILL GOING!!!,

I thought you were gonna stop, All I saw was a head and

a pair of ski tips bobbing down the hill

I am still having nightmares of that last mogul..6 feet in the air, yelling

for dear life and seeing the horror on the face of the guy below...POW!!!!

All I saw was that school of kids you were heading straight into, bye kids

Rules of skiing: 1. Always ski in control (NOPE)

2. Yeild to other Skiers (assumes #1 is true: NOPE)

3.Keep skis on (assumes skis stay on and #1,2: NOPE) you get the picture?

Spring Break: Go home briefy, escape back to apt, bum around, find old friends

Actually work on indep study, veg out even more, be quite bored.

Rollerblading time, into each class I must go at least once.

Crossbows+Catapults, V, and planning the demise of Roger.

(It Figures)

ps- send me mail or all bets are off next time I see you on the slopes.