How many ways can I blow up a computer?

KABOOOOOOOOMM!! oops there is another one....reboot

Make my own screen saver for a teacher not even here.

It's about time I actually worked on it. Kabbooom, (ok, attempt to work on it)

TSR= Terminate and Stay Resident

(nothing about it actually working? (so I am done right?)) (maybe not)

TSR= Time to Start Research

TSR= The Secret Room

TSR= To Shoot Roger

TSR= Total System Reboot

TSR= Tsclion Sucks Rocks

TSR= Trenton State Rejects

TSR= To Stomp Robertson

TSR= Tscpride System Reeks

TSR= Trenton State Refugee (hello, my name is ...)

TSR= The Stupid Response

TSR= Tubby Sumo Rappers

TSR= Tigh Shawn + Robertson

TSR= Tums Spells Relief

TSR= Twinkies Swallowed by the Rotund

TSR= Terminate Students Retro-actively

TSR= Tweety Shot Roar

TSR= TSR qed.

ps- send me mail or TSR!