Here lies the remains of the Slim Reaper

(died 5/6/94 of Trenton State Nutri-Slim Plan)

I am OUTTA Here! ME, the senior,the graduate,the head cheese...

TSC, you can kiss my butt goodbye

Comp Sci, tigh, I passed thy courses ADS an all

hehe and the search for goldberg completed

I leave Crowell to an idiot (I'll say now: I told you so)

Spencer, CSC looms ominously near

Drew, info mngt will never know what hit em

Jennie, C in summer, apt or shopwrong

Rob, don't get arrested in Japan cause of a hooker

Barney-bits (its purple on the inside too) from its suicide 5/6/94

death to all muds (the on-going struggle)



ps- send me mail or join Barney!