Future Ruler of Crowell says:

Abandon ship!, liferaft off the port bow...

Time to depart from my 2nd (or was that 3rd) home from home...

Crowell, here I come!!---(future lab manager)...

Anybody want hours?

t-minus some days....

Pass Circuits? Pass OR? or just pass out?

Same place, same time, same job, same station. Same Apartment for the summer.

I am the evil spoke of, I AM SATAN!

I will be friends with my friends as I see fit, including friends I live with.

Time to hit TURBO mode and study for finals (AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!)

Then you may relax - for a week, then work.

This is my party and I can do what I want to. (within reason of course)

now let me get this straight......

CSC you and me, see ya in a few weeks.

And Holman you can kiss my .... goodbye.

ps- send me mail or have SATAN vote against you.