Welcome Back to the place we call HELL,

Time for the new and improved semester (yeah right)

If you want to find me, look to Crowell Computer Lab, my new home

What to find there: ME, Satan, and a bunch of Comp Sci majors escaping Holman

and 30 IBM 486 66 mhz machines (best on campus), an all around Great lab

Only one Conjura this semester, but the force of two.

could ADS be as bad as CIRCUITS? AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!

Bachelor once again.

Late night spoooging with friends.... ALE!!!! Rob ?

Whopper Hopper.

Bye bye Hoppe to IRC

Eieww, Eeiww, Eieww.... clean, what's that?

A game full of chit. Oh CHIT!!!!! who gives a chit? who has the chits?

No, you can't get off yet, go again.

Stress or not to Stress, that is the question.

ps- send me mail or join me in CROWELL, or both.