Psychic Surgery (Psychic Combing)

Attune each finger and thumb of both hands in the same method as Stones.

At the end of each attunement, pinch the aura down to the skin and then pull out and away from the tip of each finger as if forming long claws/scalpels,

At end off claw (length is your choice, a few inches is good), stop the pinch

After you have finished all the fingers and thumbs, you can then use these claws to reach into the damaged area, and remove the problem.

When done, break off the claws with a chopping motion of the opposite hand along the fingertips. Repeat with other hand. Smooth out the aura of the operated area, and then apply reiki energy to "seal" to cuts and help get any leftovers that you may have missed…Use your intuition to determine how much.

It helps a lot if you can see the aura or by some sense Know where to operate. Intent is the main thing, you will not hurt the person.

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