Attunement of Rocks and Stones


I draw the dai-ko-myo and the choku-rei in each palm. Then I draw the six symbols into the air, repating each name three times. Then I pick up the rock and place it in my left palm. I draw three fire serpents in a row, drawing each down the rock to banish and clear any stray energies within it.

Then I draw in the huan yin point and place my tongue on the roof of my mouth and circulate the reiki force through my chakras...once, twice, three times and gathered at the crown, turning into a white cloud, then blue, the purple...then drawing the dai-ko-myo inside the purple cloud and blowing it into the rock, sinking it down through the surface and permeating the rock all the way through with the dai-ko-myo.

Still holding the huan yin point (but breathing!), I then draw the dai-koo-mio over the rock and tap it three times while repeating "dai-koo-mio" three times (silently); I repeat this with the chokurei, the sey-hey-ki and the honsha-ze-sho-nen.

Then I agains circlulate reikiforce through my chakras three times gathering the violet breath and blow an affirmation into the stone ("you will now be a strong and powerful reiki-charged rock", or any intent/affirmation,..etc...).

I then release the huanyin ponts and breath into the rock...then I hold it between my palms to charge up with reiki. When I am ready to let it go, I draw a choku-rei once on the rock to seal it.