Hello, I'm Zherad. I'm a Gemmin (city fae). I love the city. The stone. The buildings. The little hidden gardens. The little secrets. It could be said that I adapted too well to the city. Though I can fly, I must stay within my city's limits. That is why secret gardens are so nice. Speaking of secrets, I'm in love with and pledged to the Lady Shai'ana. Though she is small of frame, in wits and beauty she is my elder.
This is the Layd Shai'ana. I must go on many a dangerous quest to win her undying love
The Lady Shai'ana

My Wolf.
He has wings also.
He is a chimera of great power,
who can help me if I am attacked.

I don't really remember when I came to the City. Maybe it was the City that came to me. I think I was there before, but I don't remember much of that. When the city got built on top of my Homeplace, I Changed. I Change as the Homeplace changes. Here's a bit of my history. I was married in 1757 to a wonderful gemmin-girl who vanished when the city Changed too much. Broke my heart clean in two. It's mended now, of course, due to my current Lady. Anyway, it's really important to keep the cities really nice, or the City Fey may go unseelie on you. Here's how to keep me from going unseelie:

I like good architecture and quaint, old-town types of places. Lots of trees. Windows that open and shut. Window sills for birds to perch on. Quaint clock towers. Kinda like the Old Town areas that get preserved by historical societies. I also like the secret dark places in the city. They are so mysterious and cool. You can go hide in those for months and nobody knows you're there. Most of the time, nobody knows I'm there anyway, because they're too busy looking at the ends of their noses. It's important to pay attention to what's around you. You never know when a Gemmin may hop out and bite your butt! (I have not had my shots in hundreds of years, and I have sharp teeth!)

And while we're on the subject of butt-biting, here is how to make me go totally unseelie: Create more "suburban sprawl". I HATE suburban sprawl. You destroyed beautiful places and built the Cities to live in. Then, instead of caring for your Cities and staying there, you destroyed the Cities by being neglectful. Then you decided you didn't like the cities anymore, since you had destroyed them, so you went out and created the Suburbs. The Suburbs are now Changing me as the Cities once Changed me, and it may not be a good change. But I am not worried. Long after most of you have reproduced yourselves into oblivion by refusing to control your blight of a population, long after you and your screaming brats are gone, long after your cities and your roads are gone, I, Zherad will remain here. But I will again be Changed, as my Homeplace Changes. And I will always find Those who believe in me and keep the Places beautiful. The Lady Shai'ana told me it would be so, and she knows a lot of things.

Signing off,


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