Breyton, 1757

I walked the black street in the dead of night
I was not afraid, for I lived with the pulse of the city
And I lived for the hoofbeats of many horsedrawn carriages
As they hauled people and goods from their Origins
to their Destinations…

Silently I walked the many old winding alleyways
Until I came to one alongside a garden
A secret garden behind a tall, ivy-covered fence
With a great pear tree rising magestically over the fence,
Its leafy brances casting a slight shadow
From the old gas lamp burning in the night

I sneaked through a hole in the wooden fence
I went to a thick vine growing up to the second floor
And silently climbed up the vine to her window
I tapped on her window and she let me in
Her sharp features pale in the moonlight,
Her crooked grin welcoming me with
the Promise of many outrageous tales.

A fellow Gemmin, she was, Selinda was her name.
I never said much when I visited her.
I never say much now, for that matter.
I talked sometimes of the things I had done since I last saw her
I talked sometimes of old stories I knew (I knew quite a few)
I listened as she told me the stories she had gathered

She was another like me, though she saw through her own eyes
I lay with her under her soft covers as she kissed my breath away
We rode the wave of our passion to its final exhaustion
I slept in her arms

In the morning I kissed her softly goodby as she slept.
I again climbed the vine, this time down to the cold ground
I went to the pear tree's beckoning branches,
and picked some pears for breakfast
I squeezed through the hole in the fence once again
And walked away from the place of my secret.

One day I came to the alleyway,
And the garden was no more
And the Vine was no more,
And the House was no more

In anguish I cried out!
I saw a small scrap of paper lying by the street
Trembling, I picked it up
"I must leave now," it read
"For the City has Changed too much
For me to exist any longer as I am

"So I have gone Elsewhere and I am Changed
as the Homeplace has changed
But do not fear, for you shall find another
Another shall love you more than I
And you shall love her more than you could love me

"For I was just another like yourself
But she shall be different in ways that even you
Have never before heard
For she will know of the magic called Tech
And she will use Tech to assist in many magics.

"She will do wondrous things and bring Bacon from Heaven
She will command a great army of creatures
From a street called Sesame
And they shall conquer all before them.
So do not mourn my passing, for the City has Changed.

You will not need to leave,
For you are more ready for the new ways than I.
I bid you fare well, and ever be happy in the City you call home."
And so ended my only True marriage thus far
Alone have I been since then, but shall not so remain.


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