I am 21 years old , am about 5'2" tall, of medium built with dirty blonde long hair and color-changing eyes.

Hobbies include: trying to locate interdimensional portals, Studies of Magic, Horseback riding, collecting of swords, unicorn-stuff, dragon stuff and Formal gowns, reading, writing, adventures, Anything having to do with otherkin life, and of course domination of the universe (Who aims only for a world-I'm ambitious...Grin-Grin :).

This is a picture of myself after we had returned from New Hope. It was taken the next evening in Maryland. Note the clarity on this one! :)

Greetings to all,

Many probably already know me, yet some might not so I will post this introduction for them.

My earthen name is Silvia, yet origanally I am from what many call Aelfheim (Actually I'm a Tu'lari), and I have also done a lifetime on another planet called Nector.

My memories of Aelfheim and the Elenari people are sketchy and hazy at best, yet the memories are opening up more now. I am what is considered "a walk-in" (Unlike many others I had never died, I simple chose another body on earth), so I had never really sleept . It was only about six years ago that I have started to work to try to find others like me, but only in the last year have I been actively trying to figure out specifics concerning my past, and what we can do now to get home and resolve what has happened there.

There is some very specific and special reasons why I picked this card. Not only did it "ring" right, but also it showed parts of my personality as well. The fact that she is dressed formally and seems very lady-like shows my feminine and soft side. The fact that the lady is carrying a sword, shows the warrior aspect of my life, the one that has no space for the emotional needs of a lady. This is why I picked the Queen of swords as my card, the deliquate balance between the lady and the warrior.

I have a few talents that I discovered I had some of a magical bent, others just Interesting, yet all undeveloped..(Which I hope to do something about in the future)... I have some telepathy, some claire voyance, can feel when I am in danger, and I can feel a person's powerlevel. Another two traits which are quite developed and that have proved quite useful in the past(have saved my skin under more than one occasion) is that i can feel evil (Even in discuise) and I have a strong resistance to sleep, cold and charm spells....

If anyone has any information on the above you can gladly reach me publically or e-mail me at :

Now I have had a few flash backs lately and I'm wondering if anything rings true to anybody out there....

"Namarie"--connoctation of that the word is familiar, something about remeeting loved ones back home upon our return...sort of like arnold swartzenegger's "I'll be back.."

"Elenari" rings very true as our name yet I always had the feel of that there was something missing... until the word "Sil'Elenari" popped into my head a few days ago...It had the connoctation of that it means,, Elves which are friends of the stars or Elven people who are friends of the stars...

"Lycentaria"---not sure of spelling nor meaning here pronounced (Lie- cen- teria) shortened abbreviation is is a place I believe..

any info?

I also have a strong pull towards unicorns, and have a suspician that we might have had some there...any input again is appreciated..

Last but not least I have decided to start a news-paper like digest for all otherkin and I have sent out info for this to several people already.. there is also a link from Rialian's elves page...or you can write to me and I can send you all of the details.

Also My homepage is up now too at:

come check it out!

Well that is all for now,
Des'tai and Namarie-