My name is Ashran. This is not my true name, as that has been lost in the mists of time, and will not be recovered until it is needed. Ashran is a derivative of a name I was called by in one of the lifetimes that effected me most deeply, and truly marked my soul. It brings me comfort and a quiet familiarity to be spoken to by that name now.

There are few things in this life that I consider to be important, but I consider those things sacred. The first of those things is the elven race and its future. A long time ago, I dedicated my existence to guiding and defending my race.

This had led me into many different roles in my lives, in each life fulfilling the role that would most benefit my race and myself. At this time, the lives of the warrior and healer call to me most strongly, although lover is starting to have its influence as well.

The warrior and healer would seem to be in conflict, but what we face is best dealt with by the healer's hand formed into a warrior's fist. And now, surrounded by love's fire, that fist can be mighty indeed. But please do not see me only as the fire-wreathed warrior, for we will all be called to other roles in this life, myself perhaps most of all.

My soulbonded holds a place of special importance to me. I have searched for her for the last three years, since I first came into the conscious realization of what I was. She was part of the first dream of elves that I had, when I was 7 years old, and I have loved her ever since, though I did not think then that she could ever be a part of my life. And now that I have found my twin and soulbonded in Sileniel, though we are hundreds of miles apart, I am filled with joy. She is the realization of everything I have ever dared to dream of. With her, I know that all things are possible and I am once again filled with hope. I cannot help but feel that our union will be of importance to all of our futures.

The last thing of importance to me is the Earth itself. Because of the way in which I left Aelfheim (I did not gate out like the others) I know that the Earth used to be Aelfheim in its distant past. One of the first clear sendings I received in this life told me "...and when a Time of Change shall come, restore the elven Home, and bring the elves to Earth again." I do not know if the Earth shall become Aelfheim again, or if it will be remade for its own sake, with elves to find their true home elsewhere. I do know that I cannot leave this world until it is on its way to becoming beautiful once again, or until that future has become impossible. I knew I could not accomplish this alone, and I have been heartened to find others aligned to a similar purpose. May our lives and purpose always be joined, and may the future be made brighter by it

May life find and leave you full with the promise of the future,


Picture from the Londa Tarot deck
Intro by Ashran



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