I was surprised and yet not surprised that even for a moment anyone considered such a game or contest. I have heard a few of you mention that you thought of doing this and were tempted but declined for the reason that these particular circumstances were inappropriate.

Karma is not a game. We do not take it upon ourselves to try to tag others with Karma or to "invoke the Lords of Karma" (whoever they be) to watch a "contest" of this questionable nature. I hope there are *no* circumstances under which anyone would consider doing such a thing.

I'd like to know what some of you think of as Karma. For myself and for my own clarification on the philosophies here. The ideas expressed here have been confusing to me.

Karma is not that which is under our *conscious* or *deliberate* influence or control.

Karma just *is*

Karma as a pattern and a cycle is not divided into individual karmic registers that are separate from the all. As such, you can't throw Karma around, decide karma, use it in a game or contest, push it, invoke it, initiate it or otherwise have any part in it's workings at all ...unless you are God, Ea, Fate, Time, the entire Universe itself.. whichever name you prefer for the source of all things and all things contained within that source.

Karma is the cosmic pattern and we are but fragments of that pattern, fragments and puzzle pieces of a whole of a universe which puts itself together and takes itself apart, a whole that is comprised of fragments, each of which is a reflection of the whole and therefore a universe unto itself. We altar and evolve the small universe we are and thus reflect that change back into the universe of which we are a part.

But it is a misunderstanding of this philosophy to think that we effect the pattern of all things by pushing outward and that we are able or prepared or justified to participate in the pattern by effecting the interlinking patterns of others around us or of what is outside of ourselves. Each reflection is a path and it is a part of the overall pattern. We go from within out, not from without in. To do the latter is to let the ego of the personality decide the quality of the soul.

Each reflection resonates with a purpose we can't possibly know.

We go within *not* without in order to influence and to participate in the pattern, rhythm and cycle of all things. We seek to evolve our own reflection and thus we reflect the universe and it's evolution.

This is the difference between the hubris of sorcery (which is a form of conscious manipulation) and the natural participation in the Karmic pattern. It is in the way of elaborate ritual, sorcery, and such workings or games as suggested here, that we go against or outside of nature (meaning the natural flow of all things). It is also in this way that one will become what is feared here the most...what you call Vor'jen. It is in this way that one is most likely to open oneself up to such a force or to create or become it's manifestation.

I am suggesting a connection, that part of your problem with such a force and a serious danger to consider is too much trying to guide or control things that are things better left to Fata Kali and cycle of all. It is this attempt to control that attracts or creates the kind of force about which you are speaking.

The Rom believe that life is held to be a pilgrimage without a conscious purpose, not only from the cradle to the grave, or individual lifetime after individual lifetime, but also through the vastness of time and space, and beyond what is linear or what can be measured in a scored points version of Karma.

It is the existence of each individual reflection or soul resonating like a spark from the central fire gathering existence in a continuity that is unbroken. It is the experience and not the destination that is the evolution and decides the outcome.

Our conscious minds which we would use to perform acts of magic or of deciding Karma, are not vast enough to perceive the pattern (all that we are and all that others are outside of the here and now.)

We have no ability to measure the ripples of cause and effects we would have the hubris to decide.

As Faerie we must *be* the source, *be* the magic not *use* the magic or *use* the source (for what we have decided) just as we must participate in Karma rather than to attempt to measure what it is for ourselves or for others.

From what I have observed, be it called fate, karma, natural law, or the unconscious...it is not concerned with the individual ego or the individual's intellectual concept of itself. It retaliates when it's boundaries are transgressed or when it receives no respect or effort at *relationship*.

Why do you think it is through *relationships* that we change, evolve, grow and discover our magical selves..our true selves, and why it is that we are so concerned with relationships. It is a reflection of our relationship to the universe itself and in part it is what we are made for.

It is the method of the evolution of the source. We are fragmented in this way for just that purpose. We are given the method of direct communication to each other for just that reason.

Karma is the operating principle that the universe possesses an absolute knowledge of the all, which we as fragments can not in consciousness of intellect possibly know. It is a kind of knowledge not only of what the individual needs now but what sie is going to need for the unfolding of this life and of others.

The universe makes arrangements of the most astonishing kind. I make no pretence of knowing it's exact purpose nor am I foolish enough to second guess it's plans. I'm prepared to trust it's rhythms and to flow with it's decisions.

That is Karma. That is Des`Tai

Aria Lusina

"There are graves in the forest; in it's moss the bones of memories"

Essay and background copyright 1998 Aria Lusina Nadii



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