Hello, I'm Lirinen, scribe on earth and in the otherworlds as well... I'm the culprit who has created and updated these web pages, so if you want to see something of yours here somewhere, send it over and tell me where to put it! (no wait, that didn't sound quite right...) The Londa book-meaning of this card is Apprenticeship, philosopher, discoveries; Ancient kowledge melded with futuristic knowledge.

My name (lirinen galadhad) means something like "In Song Trees" and was swiped from the Tolkien dictionary -- It's more descriptive than an actual name that came to me -- Most of the memories I have so far are of a wood: Living in or near the wood, communing with the wood, singing with the wood to shape it, or possibly even being the spirit of the wood itself. I'm told that my race of Treesingers were tall with wood or leaf-like markings up the sides of their faces, and were adept in the shamanic paths. We traded with the travellers as they passed through our realm, and sometimes sent emmisaries to the towns when we were able.

I'm pretty sure I knew Rialian, as I knew part of his name before meeting him. A sending I had a few years ago predicted that I would meet someone called "Rial" who would be very important in my life. It's similar enough in pronunciation that I suspect it may have been Rialian. What I do remember best are feelings. I remember intensely loving and caring for the elves I met in the wood who were my friends, and that I considered them "friends of the wood". I think Rialian, who trekked about in the woods quite a bit, must have known of my presence and befriended me.

He may have been my connection to the rest of the elves as he has been for the past months. Robin has memories of seeing me and having some sort of shamanic comminication with me. Others remember trading with folk such as me for musical instruments that we made.

I think the wood may have been on Aelfheim or perhaps between Aelfheim and the Tir. Rialian recently picked up a menory of knowing that I was located in some sort of borderland wood. If everyone eventually gated away, I don't think I followed. I think that I stayed with the wood.

On this earth I was born in Athens Greece (before people and air pollution had gotten quite so thick). I remember really being excited about coming to this country, because of One Main Thing: I would see Green. There would be Green Grass, Leafy rees, and Verdant Foliage! I was like, "I can't WAIT!" When I first saw a grassy meadow, I had this incurable urge to jump out of the car and roll around in it (still do). About 10 years ago the name "Sings With Trees" (Treesinger) came to me (because of a habit I have of going out into the yard or parks and sensing the tone of a tree and harmonizing with it with a melody of my own).


Picture from the Londa Tarot Deck
Intro by Lirinen