Well Met :::bowing::::
I am Nalissi Erenlohm. That is the Name I have taken to represent the most Fey parts of me. Nalissi means "sweet tears", for there is a Sadness within me for the Home I left behind, coupled with a Hope that I shall some day return. Erenlohm is "Forest echo", for I was once a part of the Wild, and the Songs of the Wood still echo through my soul.

I have always known I was not really a part of this world, though I cannot say when the words "Elf" or "Fae" first occured to me.

It seems I have always know what I was, even when I had no words to describe it. It was a great joy to me the day I (quite on "accident") stumbled unexpectantly onto Rialian's pages. I had not ever really expected to find others who understood (or even really accepted) the things I felt and Remembered. I had almost come to think I would always be alone.<

My memories are mostly of the Wild. I am most at home in the Wood that exists rooted in the Source. My way is that of a Dancer, and that is how I best express the Magick and Wonder that is my very being. I long to once again live among the Trees. My heart Sings welcome, and my soul Dances joy to meet those who also seek the way Home.

Blessings and Light, Laughter and Shadows,

Picture from the Londa Tarot deck

Intro by Nalissi