Well...I am Rialian (meaning Far Traveller), and remember only a bit of who I might be. I know I was List'ari, and a wanderer who supplied information to the council at times and acted as advisor to them (if they would listen...grumble grumble grumble...(Grin)). Sileniel, you had that intro too easy....I am feeling self-conscious...(whaaaaa...) Anyway, in this corner of the current reality, I am a social service person in Maryland.....Ah, will that suffice for now, so that I can think of a more coherent response??? (Smile)Blessings, --Rialian

[Invisible Webdweeb's note: You've had about a year now, thought of one yet??]

Oh, and by the way: You might be an Aelfheim Elf if:

You talk to yourself in a language you do not understand and respond to it as if it were common sense...

You have some really neat ideas for shapeshifting with a partner...

Your reflection in the mirror looks unfamiliar at times...

Sorry, I just could not resist... Until next time comes a-knockin, Rialian


Pictures from the Londa Tarot deck
Intro by Rialian