Rialian and I had this idea, to start a discussion type e-mail cc'd to the four of us. The purpose would be to discuss things that would be of interest to us, but probably not of relevance, interest, or consumption for either Elven mailling lists. We could discuss things like how to make the Gates work to get back home, how to rebuild, etc. What do you think? Any ideas? Rilian and I have some theories on how the Gates work magically, and how to start casting them. We need to prime an area over a period of years, and build the energies up.

He can explain this better than I. Oh, and introductions are in order. I am currently known as Sileniel. I've had various permutations of this name back Home and have collected other monikers like some people collect thimbles. I am daughter of Tal Leonin, Princess and named the Heir to the position of High Queen. I have been Awake since 1988, although the extent of what I know of myself, my past, and my path has been an ever dawning thing. Even before I remembered that I was an Elf, I remembered two things.

The first was that there was someone out there who I needed to find, who was also missing me. The other was that I was from "Another place, another time, another dimension". It was one of the few clear word-sendings I've gotten in this life.Over time I have realized that the person I was searching for was the other half to my soul, it's twin. Happily, I have recently found him, after 11 years of searching. His current name is Ashran, also on this list. I'm still working on the memories of Home, and have come a long way with a longer way to go. It's important to me, as it has ever been, to know of our past, where we are, and where we are headed. It is also important to me to help others with their Awakening, so that they might have the opportunity for feedback that I did not. Our is a difficult path, for we are a people in Exile with little to help us beyond our own wit. Ea be with us. I strive for the day when we can once again live according to our own culture on the world of our choosing.

Now that the introduction part is over, I was reading some previous posts and Ashran had said something about preferring others to speak of him first. I'm taking you up on the offer dear, you said we could . I've told you all individually when I found him of my joy and something of what it was like. I won't go into all the dripping details here, but suffice to say that finding him again (even if he is a few states away still) has filled me with a happiness I really can't describe. We fit together like Yin and Yang. Not all of us had our souls split in two, so not everyone has a soul bonded twin. I wish everyone could experience what it's like to see yourself in someone else's eyes, and to share the understanding that is unique to the soul bonded. The pain of separation when we have been apart, however, I wouldn't wish on my worst enemies. The advantage of those who are still in possession of the entirety of their soul is perhaps a greater freedom in dating .

But I said I would speak of Ashran. Understanding the soul bond is part of this understanding, for it is an integral part of our basic natures. Just ask the friends we have whined to incessantly over the years ;). We are not the same, however, as different experiences have shaped us slightly differently. He is somewhat more solemn than I, although he does have a good, sometimes very subtle sense of humor. He seems to share the love of mystery and surprise that I do. He also seems to have the same emotional default state of neutral, although we both can be inspired to great heights of emotion. He's got a deep rooted dedication to our people, and a kind nature (although fearsomely stern when has been necessary).

My primary talent in the Awakening is as a catalyst, I usually dredge memories to the surface. His is as focus. He will usually not speak until he has something meaningful to add to a discussion. Never let his calm demeanor fool you, a passionate nature rests within.

Well, I think I've rambled on enough, and have embarrassed my beloved enough for one day. (Where *did* I put that armour? No worry, I can HIDE!). We've got some good stuff going on the Gates, and the possible future. I will say one last thing. When remembering future-memories, keep in mind that they are only glimpses of what *may* be. We must be careful to keep our intentions good, Des'tai. It would be too easy to get caught up in the "Oh no, it's the Millenium (tm)" doom and gloom mindset. Let's keep the stars in our visions. Blessed be, Sileniel


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