I am Silvaerin'a, a Li'star'i of, if I remember correctly, noble birth. My parents were the "rulers" of Drachlaend, though chief councilors might be more appropriate. In my last incarnation, as Silvaerin, I worked on both the gates and with a group of Drae to overcome what we preceived to be the Council's lack of action regarding a certain topic: our "enemy's" shielding, which we did solve.

Currently, I have used my knowledge of the gates (though somewhat instinctively, gods know it ain't from coherent memory) to try and get a grip on what what should be done concerning them, and to try and reconstruct them.

I, consider myself a "techie" for the most part, with abilities in divining, spotting and pointing out potential problems (even if that last gets me into trouble at times). Mundanely, I am a student at a college in Halifax, Nova Scotia taking water resources technology, an environmental technology. I hope to land a career in the ever so glamorous field of wastewater treatment. Of course since this is me, it would have to be unconventional forms of treatment like constructed wetlands or solar aquatics.-- Silvaerin'a


Pictures from the Londa Tarot deck
Intro by Silvaerin'a