Tal Leonan

Well met, kith and kin,
While I find it unlikely in the extreme that those of you gathered here do not know who I am, I will introduce myself for formality's sake. I am Tal Leonan ap Rhys Gil Gilad, Enrai ap Sidhe. Before the time of the colliding of worlds, I was High King of the realm human's refer to as "Aelfheim". For a very long time I remained separated from mortal affairs, resided in the mystical realm of Avalon.

Since my return to the land of men, I have been receiving a "crash course" in human nature, which, while not always pleasant, is always enlightening. If my ways seem antiquated or idiosyncratic, please understand that I have not benefitted from the indepth exposure to mortal society as others have. -- Tal Lenonan


Picture from the Londa Tarot deck
Intro by Tal Leonan