The Disappearance of Drachlaend

...The sudden "removal"of Drachlaend caused extreme
mental anguish to any who were not there.

Conversation between Rialian and Silvaerin'a in early March 1997, later joined by Tal

I've remembered a couple more names I would like you all to "contemplate": Shaestr'a and Tilaren. If I remember correctly, they are the "rulers" of Drachlaend, and my parents.

This next concerns a memory I just had. I remember being in Drachlaend and my parents telling me about some sort of major problem (sorry if I'm being vague, I don't have a full understanding of this yet), which could result in, I think, cutting off Drachlaend completely if things went wrong. The air in the place was very tight. I was there with someone as well, but I don't quite remember who. The next thing I remembered is that some time had passed, and all of a sudden the mental "background noise" that made up Drachlaend was gone completely. It had just disappeared. I was very distraught. It was like something had been cut off. -- Silvaerin'a

===Well, Tilaren is one I seem to know, as instant recognition ensued as I read it...I seem to have some strong reaction to the name...Now to get around the blocks...

===The memory of what happened around Drachlaend also feels right...Need to scan around that one, as I am getting problems on focus on that one, but it feels right... -- Rialian

I don't think that there was a "warping" of memories, so to speak. But the sudden "removal"of Drachlaend caused extreme mental anguish to any who were not there. Of course the brain being what it is, would have found some way of dealing with the overwhelming pain. The result could have been blockage of memories. I suppose coming to terms with what happened could go a long way to healing this. Grant it that also means we have to hind out what happened to Drachlaend. (Catch 22's, dont you just love 'em?) -- Silvaerin'a

I'm not entirely clear on this Drachlaend part of Aelfheim, or a separate entity? If the former, then it would have "disappeared" at the same time that Aelfheim was sealed off. If the latter, then it may I have met a similar fate... -- Tal Leonan

I still can't quite remember what happened, but I seen to recall something about the conversation, it was almost a yelling match, I had with my parents before I went back to the mainland. They begged me to stay - I couldn't because of the work I was against the council (the barrier thing). Vaguely, I remember something about preparations for departure - that they could be leaving any time, and that the leave would be permanent. I think this had to do with the "big nasty" manipulating the Robes and Council. It must have suspected what they were trying to do (?? I'm not sure about this, I'll have to think on this further), and was making plans to stop them. The leave was both forced and voluntary - and very, very sudden, I think to avoid detection. -- Silvaerin'a

I'm not entirely certain that such was the case. It may very well be that the "Robes" were inherently corrupt, and that the Darkness was attracted to this Corruption. Remember, in magic, like forces attract. I don't recall these "Robes", though I know many others do. Either I have blocked the memories of them out (not entirely beyond the realms of possibility), or the rose to power after my departure. So too, when I was in Aelfheim the council was a body of advisors, with no true power in and of themselves. It may very well be that the "Robes" and Council rose to power upon the original exodus... -- Tal

If the Li'star'i were raising power to do something, or knew something, you can bet that if the "force" knew about it, it would have tried to stop them, probably by total annihilation (shadowbeast attack en mass? I know it was done to other areas, and the Li'star'i aren't exactly what one would call great in number). --Silvaerin'a

===Could the leaving have to do with "comandeering" some of the gates, and disconnecting some from the web? That would seem to ring true, and might explain the sudden effects, and why there would have been a problem with anything on the other side of them...I suspect the gates had a sort of auxiliary function in keeping things stable...Like anchor points...When they were being linked to a central hub, it would have set things off...If Draechlond was removed from the web, it might be what took it out of the general accessibility of the land, and formed it's own reality away from the rest of the land, as it would be self-contained. Perhaps a link could be set to get there, or some sort of resonance...As there are Li'star'i here, there is a point of similarity, which might make a link possible....Ohhhh, I have some ideas to check out...hehehe...I think a link is possible, and might help the Li'star'i get some memories back...I just need to find the link....... -- Rialian

You have seem to hit on a link, Rialian. It is very possible that they did gate separately. I think, though, that they built their own gates very quietly (they did have the power to) and left when things were about to go to hell. They probably didn't have time to warn anybody either, which is why we ended up in the state we did mentally. Let me know about possible contact, not that you wouldn't of course. -- Silvaerin'a

===I am getting the feeling that the gates in the area got linked around Drachlaend, and then the Li'star'i were able to gate the land itself over to a pre-designed area...I think the gates had been part of the matrix, but are not linked to it at this time, therefore enforcing the isolation from anything else.

I really do think that we had our own separate matrix. If gates had been *stolen* from the council, they would have known about it and retaliated much sooner. It was probably discussed, though. The other thing is that our matrix was set up far differently than the Council's and wouldn't have been in the least comatible. Another thing too, is that because I actually worked on the damned gates, if the Li'star'i matrix had been linked to ours, I would have sensed the energy flux before the ensuing *nothingness* - even had the links been dismantled. -- Silvaerin'a

===A thought occured to me...If the systems were not compatible, wouldn't it have been a bit difficult to gate back and forth? They must have had at least one node of the other system nearby, and shut it down before they gated away.

The gates they used for "beaming" stuff and people around with home were different, and completely separate from the *island* gates. The *home* gates were on a different level of sophistication (like not as) than the *away* gates. They were also open knowlege - but them most powerful people/places had permanant gates of this nature, never mind that it was the easiest way to come and go fron the island. I don't think that any of us were passable seafarers, and waters around Drachlaend were rather "choppy". -- Silvaerin'a

===Just had a flash as I was about to go...The entity that followed into the gate is in the void between the gates...Perhaps it was trapped as a result of Drachlaend phasing out? (I am unsure as to how this is, but it feels that there is something in the void in between worlds, such as the area between the realm of Draechlaend and the realms of Aelfheim...This seems to sing with the idea I had of the gates being open between some of the lands before the mass exodus...Thoughts? -- Rialian

I think the Li'star'i quietly made their own gate matrix, and the Council tried to *convince* the Li'star'i to link their's with the council's own. When the Li'star'i refused (in the most nicest possible manner) the Council tried to subvert the Li'star'i matrix and insinuate it into their own. Of course the Li'star'i sensed what was going on, and decided to gate early, and without warning, lest something bad happen to them (the shadowbeast attack thing). I think that the Li'star'i matrix also went further, and gated not only the people, but the entire island, which would explain the feeling I had of not being able to sence either the people or the land. I think I tried to port there very shortly after I sensed the nothingness, and couldn't (as in there was no place to gate to). Of course, they could have also put up barriers so no one could get in - or detect, but I don't think so. -- Silvaerin'a

This sounds very similiar to what happened to Aelfheim proper, save that that instead of being transported through space, it was transported through time... -- Tal

Do you happen to remember when you left in relation to what else was going around you? It might give everyone a timeframe to work with. -- Silvaerin'a

I do not believe timeframes to be as important to elves as they are to humans. We are, after all, an achronous race. But if you believe it would be helpful, there was a gap of somewhere between 2000 and 2500 years between the arrival of my self and the Council of Twelve and the time at which most other inhabitants of Aelfheim arrived here. -- Tal

I know that the Robes very quietly came to power, so as not to raise suspicions. Two of them were powermongering fools, with too much power for their own good. -- Silvaerin'a

I have never understood those who desire power for it's own sake, and I doubt I ever will. They do not seem to understand the nature of power, that it is a grave responsibility, not a reward or luxury...much like a child playing at dress-up without understanding the ramifications of adulthood... -- Tal

Because of the placement of the Robes, it was easy for them to gain influence in the Council. Hmmm... I seem to recall Sileniel mentioning in a phone conversation long before I got e-mail (Sileniel, feel free to coment - I might not be remembering this correctly) that the High Court withdrew into itself, becoming less and less involved with the goings on in the "outside world". This would also have coincided with the rise of the Council to prominance. The Council, at least the one I remember, was made up of various regional representatives, most of whom were toadies of the Robes. Once a decision was made, I think they were supposed to report to the High Court - though I don't know how often that was done during the later stages, probably just when it suited their purposes. This could be why the High Court withdrew - they wern't being clued in on what was going on. It would also explain why nothing was being done about the boarder attacks - nobody who could have stopped the Robes knew or were being misled. -- Silvaerin'a

Hmmm...this is poses a most difficult situation...does anyone know if if these "Robes" are still in a position of influence? If so, they must be dealt with... -- Tal

The people on the borders were considered the equivalent to barbarians by most, at this point in time -- Silvaerin'a

This mindset existed, at least to a point, in my time. (Sileniel can attest to this) I tried to correct others of their misconceptions. Obviously, I was not overly successful... -- Tal

Having had personal experiences with them, they were an insufferable lot - pompous and arragant beyond belief. -- Silvaerin'a

There are those who would describe me in similiar terms... Thank you for sharing your knowledge and memories, Silvarein'a...I know that is not always an easy thing to do, especially when those memories are particularly negative or painful...your effort is sincerely appreciated. -- Tal

Discussion Participants: Rialian, Silvaerin'a, and Tal