Phasing In and Out at New Hope, PA and Surrounding Areas

Rialian at the portal near New Hope -- he's slightly out of phase -- but then, what's so unusual about that?

New Hope was an interesting experience...I kinda liked it. I felt us being watched as we were approaching the town, but nothing else really quite so obvious while we were there. I had a feeling of a cautious welcoming as we came into the town. Overall, nothing negative around, except perhaps the rather odd candle shop we walked into and then walked out of rather quickly. The shop keepers were friendly towards me, a few initiating conversations...I found one of the shops knew people I have worked with. I found some very useful stuff there, and my book search skill came in helpfull in obtaining a book I had been looking for. As we left New Hope to head up to Ringing Rocks, I got the definite feeling that we were welcome to return at any time.

Ringing Rocks was quite unusual. The energies there are quite high, and if a gate is not active on some level, it is an area that would be most suitable for such work. The flows are very strong there, and the area was friendly to us. There has been some sort of ritual activity in the vicinity, but the natural immune system of the place seems to be clearing up the site nicely. I get the impression that the immune response has been only recently upgraded....Perhaps it took an event of some sort to set things off, and this might be why the areas seem clearer. This would merit more research. I have a feeling that this area will be very good for us to work with.

Below are some pictures taken at the site. As you can see, most of them are slightly phase shifted and out of focus. Could have something to do with the magnetic fluxes around the area, or it could be the energetics - nothing conclusive can be drawn from the pictures but they are interesting. The last picture was taken with the same film and camera at my house (far from the site) and is free of distortions. This could be attributed to a temporary bout of bad photography, or...

Shalestra Katar,

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