A Separate Realm (Drachlaend?)

"I had travelled by teleportation to an elven land
which was separate from Aelfheim"


I was just reading over the material on the Web pages about the separation of Drachlonde (sp?) and it reminded me of a series of daydreams I had which make sense all of a sudden.

I had travelled by teleportation to an elven land which was separate from Aelfheim, but had been active all these years. I couldn't really remember how I got there, but I knew I had come from here, Earth, and that I had to find the elves and learn *something*. After a few hours of wandering into a forest, I found them, or rather, they found me.

Before I knew what had happened, I was surrounded by about 6 elves with bows trained on me. They had appeared silently, seemingly telporting out from behind some trees. Naturally, I put my hands up. One did not have a bow, and had robes. He cast a spell which allowed us to understand one another. He asked me what I was doing in their lands. I replied that I was lost, and was an elf who had been lost for a long time and was glad to see my kin again. There were a few raised eyebrows at this remark, since I still looked as I do now, more human than elven.

I told them that the proof was in my soul, and they could cast whatever spells or divinations on me that they wanted to prove it to themselves, but that I was there to learn something important. I also told them that if I was left on my own in the forest they would have a death on their hands, as I wasn't all that skilled in survival. They took me back to the village. --

The rest of the story is still kind of fuzzy, but I remember a few things. I was curious about a prophecy that I heard whispers about that concerned an elf who came back after a long time away and would come in disguise. They called this person "The elf who is not". This is doubly interesting to me now, after Tal mentioned my old nickname of Netherai, "She who is not". (Next, he'll be scanning in baby pictures ... ;) ) I argued with some council-type members that I was this elf that the prophecy referred to.

Magic tests were done and it was determined that I had an elven soul (yay). They were baffled. They didn't know how an elven soul could wind up in such a "crude" body. I told them of Earth, and my people's journey. They knew that this was the tale of the Kingdom they had separated with, but didn't want to say anything to me until they had confirmed my story. There were also a lot of people who refused to acknowledge my race until I rode in one day on a unicorn. Eventually, my story was confirmed and I spoke as Princess to the King and Queen there.


I know as a member of Tuatha Kal'thalas, you were quite expert in the woodland skills on Aelfheim...have u lost that knowledge since arriving here? -- Tal Leonan

Not only did I receive training among the Tuatha Kal'thalas, but I tell you that our loyal Adrastai were *very* adamant that I learn everything they knew (whether I liked it or not). . Unfortunately, I don't have conscious knowledge this time around of these things. I don't know that if pressed I'd remember before I died of exposure. -- Sileniel

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